I left grey old England in 2005 for a warmer life in Turkey, one of the benefits of early retirement is to try and accomplish the things I want in life before I am too old and too knackered. This is where the bike comes in, I always wanted to tour long distance when I was in my teens and twenties but could never afford the time or money back then.

My first motorbike, back when I was age 17 was a Yamaha DT 175 enduro, I then had a number of bikes over the following several years until I gave them up because of wife, kids and mortgage etc.

Re-enterd biking again in 2005, and toured all over Turkey on Chinese 250’s.

UPDATE:- Moved to Bulgaria now, but busy renovating my farmhouse at the moment, another bike will follow soon….

1979/81 – 26,000 Miles (41,000km) 60%  off-road riding.

1981/82 – 11,000 Miles (17,000km) 60% off-road riding.

1982/83 – 9,000 Miles ( 14,000km ) toured England & Wales.

1988 – 18,000 Miles ( 29,000km ) London comuting.

1989/90 32,000 Miles ( 51,000km ) London comuting.

2005 – 11,000km ( 6,900 Miles ) on a scooter around Turkey.

2006/07 –  38,000km ( 23,700 Miles ) on a Chinese 250 around Turkey.

2008  – 14,000km (8,700 Miles ) on another Chinese 250 around Turkey.

May/June 2009 – 24,000km trip around Europe on a Honda Transalp 650.

2008/10  30,000km (18,750 Miles) Honda Transalp 650.




















TOTAL KM’S RIDDEN ON BIKES………………….245,500 KM (153,437 Miles )

ON ROAD ACCIDENTS………………………………1 in 1980 (My fault)

OFF-ROAD SPILLS……………………………………………….Hundreds.



25 Responses to “BORN AGAIN BIKER”

  1. Early retirement is great isn’t it! I’m about to quit my job so more time for travelling as well. I hope to visit Turkey in 2009 or 2010, depending on the plans of some friends. Hope you have a great time riding Europe in 2009. Should the southern winds take you a little more up north, don’t hesitate to drop by. Cheers, Wim

  2. Oh sorry, should you wish to contact me: there’s a ‘contact’ button on my website. Cheers!

  3. hi, hope u enjoy your trip. i live in nz . ride a vfr honda 2007 . retired ..always enjoy bikes . good riding and weather in nz. cheers jason ..

  4. Cheers guys..

  5. I don’t know how to leave an email?? love you papsy, oh whats that site with all the pics of us etc piczo or something, love ya papsy 🙂 xxx

  6. i tried but i dunno where to go lol i managed to get ot the page were ur video was, very er … windy!!! but good attept for the first 🙂 so how have u been papsy any new bike adventures or anything got the cool new radio’s working yet??? havent had any luck on a placement yet but i think there is a new one opening soon (salon) so ill be quick and get my CV handed into there if im lucky ill get an interview lol, i was speakin to faye the other day she said it was nice to see us and now it feels weird that were gone again lol, feels weird to think only a few weeks ago we were wondering round driff town eating chips n gravy mmmmm lol o the joys of driff ey!! well got to go love you loads old man :)n miss ya too xxxxx take care n cut down on ur smoking!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx

    • Hi Ena,

      Yep the page with the video is the main page, you get there by clicking on the long white title at the top of any page, I made another video today thats a bit better lol. Yes, ıt was strange being back in Driff seeing everyone, I felt like I had never been away.

      Good, keep trying on the placement, you will get one sooner or later, perhaps the collage can help you finding placements…..been busy here for the last few days racking my brains trying to fix a camera on to the bike without paying out lots of money for the proper attachments lol, finally managed that today!! Next project now, is to figure out how to run the camera from the bikes electric instead of using batteries, I like having projects, it keeps the gray matter working lol.

      Have some chips and gravy for me next time your in town pumpkin,

      Love dadxxx

  7. Sweet, great blog!!!

  8. I really enjoyed reading and seeing your European travelogue. Rode the Alps in 2007 and 2008 and your blog has spurred me to further afield this year. Best regards Martin

    • Hi Martin,

      Thanks for the kind comment, hope you have a good trip yourself this summer, not too sure where I’m off to at the moment, but thinking Eastern Europe!!



  9. Hey Dave – cracking blog. I have just returned from New Zealand for a 3 week holiday – have you ever considered biking over there? Lots of large cruiser bikes and the scenery is incredible.

    • Hi Ash,

      Thanks for the comment, I would love to rent a bike and just tour Oz for a couple of weeks!1



  10. Hey I have the chance to buy a Transalp 1996, wondering whether it is recommendable for a beginner? Left my email so you can get in touch!


    • Hi Johan,

      The early model Transalps are a collectors item (If they are the right colours and good condition) now, when you say beginner?? If you mean your first bike ever, then I would say NO, 600cc and 50 HP could get you in to trouble very quickly if its your first time on a bike…Best to spend a year on a 125cc or 250cc, then move up.

      If you’ve already ridden something before, then YES, the Transalps are quite a forgiving bike, not too heavy, 185kg for a 96 model, lots of fun for a little mud play or down the lanes etc. They will carry two people plus a ton of camping crap all round Europe effortlessly (I did it) You can get parts easy enough, if you put a smaller rear sprocket (2 teeth less) they return about 65 mpg on a run if you keep the revs down.

      Just depends what you mean by beginner??



  11. Thanks Dave!

    Thanks for the quick reply! I am very much a beginner although I have ridden some big heavy bikes before with more horse power and 750cc engine and I thought it was heavy but not too bad (my uncle is a motorcycle instructor so that is why). I would mainly use it for touring and evening rides in summer, not really going in the mud or offroad (ut most an occasional gravel track). I want a comfy bike that I can tour on and definatly not a racer, or one where you heavily lean on your arms. I also like it since it seems like an easy bike to maintain yourself (as long as you look after it). Besides all this I get the bike at a very good price with all the service history and some spare parts and tools. So just wondering whether it is a definite no-no or a Maybe (which is good enough, as the bike has some scratches and costmetic issues, nothing mechanical though).

    Thanks again! Johan

    • Hi Johan,

      You sound like the perfect owner of a Transalp to me, since you’ve ridden 750cc bikes before then a Transalp will not scare you at all, your not a racer, and you want to tour with just the odd gravel road now and again…..perfect, welcome to the club mate!!

      A few scratches can be filled and painted, if there are any very damaged pannels, lights etc. these can be found on EBAY easily enough…If your bike needs a lot of re-painting you will have to sell a kidney in UK to pay for it, or ride down to Turkey some time on a tour, a full taken apart re-spray here is about 100 Quid or less if its just the tank or fairing. Some wanker left a deep scrape in my fairing (They park badly here) last year, so had the fairing, front mud guard, swing arm, side metal plates (Where the foot pegs are) all filled and re-sparyed 25 Quid.

      Anyway EBAY for pannels, fairings etc. The engines are good for 200,000km if you keep away from the red line and change your oil/filter etc. some are running around with 350,000km plus, on the clock.

      Let me know what you decide,



    • Hi again,

      It can look a little rough and ready in Turkey but they do a good job……

      Enjoy lol,



  12. Dave,

    You got an amazing site running here! Thanks for all the advice you hyave given. As my experience improves I will start having road trips around Europe, and maybe venture to Turkey. FOr now I think I am going to stick to exploring the UK and see how that turns out. If the weather is any good I think it is going to be a very exciting, will keep you uptodate about my travels!

    cheers! Johan

    • Hi J,

      Best of luck on your new adventures mate…..Why not start a blog to record it all, its easy to do and quite rewarding, two hobbies for the price of one!!



  13. Dave i could not find the picture which we took. İ liked all .İ wish i were not be W donkey and could able to trip around the world you and your wife are very sweet people have a good life

  14. You have a fantastic bike site here Dave, so many wonderful photos of your trips abroad, hurry up an finish your farm!!

    • Hi Eva,

      Thanks for the kind words, should have another bike in a few months time 🙂



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