My Aux. lights have arrived, everyone in our riding group has bought a set, they were 65 Lira (25 GBP) the pair. Today, after much thinking on where exactly , and how best to mount them, the job finally got done.

Anyway, below is the next offering in the series…

Be sure to press the 480p button.

Those living in Turkey click this link to watch on VIMEO.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on March 10, 2010.


  1. May I be the first to comment on how captivated I was by the Ex Turkish Airlines welder – I’m not entirely convinced that keeping the engine running would stop 2000A going through the ECU (?1) – i think a bonding strap would have done the job…


    • Uncle Davie:

      Hello to LINDA ! I like these action videos

      I don’t understand where you are going to mount those flashlight batteries to power your lights

      bobskoot: wet coast scootin

      • Hi Uncle Bob,

        The batteries will go in the pocket of my shorts and then simply run a small cable down my leg 🙂



    • Hi Nikos,

      I too was horrified at the thought of welding on a bike without disconecting the battery and unplugging things 5 years ago when I first came here, BUT having had welding done on several of my own bikes/scooters over the years…ıt does work!!

      I meant to say ECU when I was recording but I had one of those brain misfires that always happen near a camera lol.



  2. Let me be the first to make a nice comment….Well done you two on this video, your best so far, I like your relaxed attitude, it comes across even more in video than the written word!!

    Is it a regular thing in Turkey, not to be charged???


    • Hi Stan,

      Thanks for that!!…….Free stuff happens to me about 20% of the time and tea happens about 95% of the time….Its a very relaxed friendly culture here.



  3. Free AND a cup of tea, I’ll see if I can talk the wife in to moving to Turkey lol

    • Hi Owen,

      Tea AND sunshine mate….that should sway the Mrs.



  4. Hi Dave,
    You have lots of friends in Dalaman as a serviceman. If I have a problem about my bike first I’ll call you 🙂

    • Hi Baris,

      I love going to the sani….I always go there for even the smallest things, its a very friendly place….really LOL



  5. Good one Dave……Got to ask, do you get much fog in the land of sunshine???


    • Hi James,

      Its too long to write out and explian the reason for the fog lamps on here, Theo and I will explain what humidity amongst other things does to visibility in a later video.



  6. Oh, Hi Bev, Hi Ian………………….. 😦

    • Hi Aunty Bev,

      Dont be offended….9 take Linda flattened battery after battery lol, your probably in the out-takes….There was a lot of out-takes lol



  7. awwwww..Sorry HELLO BEV HELLO IAN…In case you never noticed(cause I think ı hid it well) I actually sounded and looked like a complete crazy woman 🙂

    • Uncle Davie:

      I liked your riding part but you really need a fixed mount. I worry for you. I was thinking of doing this too, but we have to wear helmets over here.

      and this video was your best so far, so relaxed.

      bobskoot: wet coast scootin

      • Hi Uncle Bob,

        We have to wear helmets here too…kinda. I didn’t have a helmet on because it wasn’t raining, and also I hear the studios are looking for the next BOND, a helmet would hide my pretty face….We have to give the girls something in our video Bob lol.


        007 Davie……

  8. Auntie Bev:

    where have you been ? We miss you.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  9. By the way ı am rubbing my nose not picking on the vid photo lol dave refuses to change it :p


  11. Another masterpiece, not seeing Bond just at the minute lol…..Linda you look great in your bandanna!!

  12. Hi Donna, Thanks the bandanna covers the Grey hairs a treat 🙂

  13. IAN:

    Bit more on the LPG thing….about 450 to install depending on how hard/easy installation is, could be cheaper or more for you.

    After installation the vehicle has to go to either Fethiye or Mugla for LPG certification (Dont know if you would need to do that) and thats about 150 or 180 Lira.

    The laws have changed here (Again) foreigners can no longer buy/sell vehicles without residency, the law actually says ”Must have, or have had residency in the past, the foreigner ID number must be used to buy/sell”

    The new law is being interpreted in different ways at the moment, some municipalities say you must have residency, some old lapsed residency is OK, and some are just carrying on as before lol

    Residency has also just been jacked up huge in price (Grand for me and Mrs) I will let mine lapse and go back to visa runs. You can buy residency for a short period of 6 months, perhaps less in order to buy/sell a vehicle if needed.



  14. Hi Dave,
    I already read about the increase about a month ago in the Fethiye Times……the swines !!
    So what you’re saying is you can’t buy a vehicle with just a tourist visa…dooooooh !
    I was looking at doing the Kas to Meis run, which is 40 Lira per person plus your 15 Euros for the visa.

    Happy Days


    • Hi Ian,

      The KAS run has gained in popularity in recent years, I hear the boats are quite regular now, plus its a shorter crossing than Rhodes…will be doing the same this summer!!

      What remains unclear at the moment is what happens to the thousands of scooters/cars/bikes already bought, is it OK to still use them?? Do you just need to get a 3 or 6 month residency to sell/buy??…..Nobody knows lol….welcome to Wonderland 🙂



  15. Meis? Surely you mean Kastellorizo?

    • Hi Nikos,

      Dunno mate….So many town, villages, places etc have had their names changed in recent times…ıt is confusing, perhaps its Constantinople??



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