Not much work has gone into this tour so far because it’s over a year away, however Carnet’s are not mandatory for the countries I would be passing through, visa’s are required though, early research suggests the visa’s are easily obtained. Egypt recently changed to a ”deposit at customs”, refundable on leaving, 2000 Euros. As the World modernises over time, Carnet’s are required less and less, this is only a good thing.

Slight addition to the plan, a couple of Turkish bikers recently came back from Iran, they found a cheap Carnet for just 200 US Dollars so assuming I can get a cheap Carnet as well I think adding Iran to the tour would be a great experience…….I wonder how Transalps run on 75 octane fuel !!

2 Responses to “2010 AFRICA TOUR ROUTE”

  1. i like this tour….

    • Hi Sakis,

      This tour is beautiful, but the paperwork is the difficult thing to obtain, Carnet and visa…



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