This morning started funnily enough, I was on my way to the nearby town of Ortaca, in a fruitless attempt to find a charger for my camera, when I passed Theo on the opposite side of the road. There was a steel rail separating the two sides of the road for about half a mile, I turned around at the first opportunity, and so did Theo.

We passed each other yet again……So we both turned around again!!

On the third passing, I stopped at the side of the road and waited for him, this is one reason we need bike to bike radios, you have to laugh.!! Theo was on his way to Fethiye to meet Boris in order to pick up his radio and headset, so I went along also for the ride.

We met up with Boris  just passed the Gocek tunnel, we did not use the tunnel, but instead  opted for the twisties over the mountain. After collecting the radio and headset we headed back over the twisties once again, I was at the back as usual, because I am always the slowest on bends in our riding group.

Accelerating around an up hill bend, I noticed on the road a shinny strip  about 40cm wide and 10 meters long, I just assumed it was melted tarmac as usual and avoided it, Theo Didn’t see it. His bike suddenly weaved violently, the wheels slid out from under him…..in a second the bike was on it’s side sliding along the road for about 15 meters (45 feet) before coming to a stop.

I pulled off the road and went over to help Theo, who was hobbling to the safety of the roadside, his bike was laying across the road near the white lines, engine running, petrol leaking,  and back wheel spinning,  still in gear. I hit the kill switch, paused for a second, no fire, so I righted his bike, but both the clutch and gear lever were broken off, the front brake caliper was bent and jammed the front wheel,  it was very hard dragging it to the side of the road with both wheels locked up, the oil all over the tyres did help a little though!

Theo took his shoe and sock off, an enormous swelling half the size of a tennis ball had appeared on his ankle, and his leg was bleeding heavily from  several puncture wounds, we both wondered if his ankle was broken. We both joked around for a few minutes about how brave he was to keep himself between the bike and the road, to protect the bike.

I told him that I had done first aid training 30 years ago and never had a chance to practice heart massage or mouth to mouth resuscitation, he said he was fine and didn’t need heart massage just yet.

I said, ”are you really sure because I want to try it”.

Theo said either,  ”Go away” or  ”Fuck Off”  I cant remember which!!

He phoned his brother Korhan to come and get his bike with the pick-up truck and take him to hospital, then he asked me if I had my camera with me, I said that I did. Theo then said I should take photos and write about it, because accidents are part of motorcycling.

So here are a few photos of the scene, don’t worry I avoided any close-ups of all the blood and wounds on the inside of his leg. Two men in a car stopped and came over to see if we were OK, Theo explained that his brother was coming, and thanked them for their offer of help.

It was actually thick black engine oil on the road, and not melted tar as I first thought, some old truck must have thrown a rod or something trying to get up the hills, I would say that there is easily a full sump of engine oil dumped along the road.

We joked around again for a while why we waited for Theo’s brother and cousin to arrive in the pick-up.

It was off the Fethiye hospital next, the x-rays showed no broken bones, which was the main worry. An hour later we were back in his office and his bike had been dropped off at the mechanics for repair.

I asked Theo if we were still going on a ride to test the radios tomorrow morning, he said ”Maybe, if the mechanic has fixed my bike.”

Theo has asked the mechanic to make some modifications to his bike.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on November 21, 2009.


  1. Theo:

    OUCH, I get dejavu just thinking about it, and the slow motion of the bike falling. I still get nightmares about it. You need frame sliders for the front and a spool slider on the rear wheels, both sides. That may be enough to keep the levers off the road.
    Heal fast and get back on the bike

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  2. Hi Bob:
    I am soo… lucky nothing was broken. I need to be more carefull.
    I was thinking that ı will newer fall down. I am always careull. But ı wasn’t expecting the oil on the road. That was so silly falling. I don’t want to believe this. I need to think again about riding. this will happen at knight how can ı see oil at night? We are riding at knight like kamikaze!
    I am so sad.

  3. I visit your blog often but have never commented before, I would just like to wish your friend Theo well and a speedy recovery!

  4. THEO…

    Don’t be sad, just get back on your bike as soon as you can, and don’t let the fear grow in your mind. Most people who ride have an accident of some kind, just remember to always keep the speed down, it’s always speed that does the most damage…

    Hope you get back in the saddle,



    • Hi BOB and JAMES,

      I phoned Theo this morning, he is in good spirits now, and will be back in the saddle next week…he went back to hospital again at midnight, and all the bleeding has now been stopped. His bike has been fixed already and it will be ready for collection on Monday 🙂



  5. …It’s good to hear he’s on the mend and in good spirits, I look forward to seeing more photos of the both of you riding around turkey in your unique style…..Did you solve the battery run down problem for your camera yet??


    • Hi James,

      Pretty much given up with the bloody video camera, my bush electronic skills are just too limited, there is something very, very simple that I am just not seeing!!

      To run two wires in to the camera and attach larger batteries is so simple, but just cant get it to work, you got any ideas??



  6. Hi James,
    Nasty things like that.Do you drive in leather these days when the whether is arond 20 degrees and in summer?

    I think I have seen you driving around Dalyan in summer, because there are not a lot of Transalps there.All Turkish brands. By the way: I stay there the whole summer.
    That road to Gocek is wonderful, but I have seen accidents before. Big lorries with flour all over the road, and those trucks were rubbish. But that was before the tunnel was open.

    Maybe I should try a bike over there, instead of those scooters, but how do I get my bike from Holland to Dalyan. You can only use it for 3 month and than you must go outside the country.
    bye and good luck

    • Hi Rene,

      In summer we mostly ride in T-shirt and shorts, but now its winter and only 25 degrees I use a leather jacket.

      YES…I do go to Dalyan sometimes in summer, mostly to Muffs bar at the top, he normally has his black Yamaha Dragstar parked in front of his bar.

      You can bring your bike in to Turkey from Holland for 6 months Rene, its easy to do, you just have to buy insurance at the border which is cheap and easy to do…..6 months in, then 6 months out

      Hope to see you here next summer,



  7. Hello Dave – please give my best to Theo on his recovery. Glad he is pretty much OK. It was good you were around to provide help. The best to you and Linda as well – please tell Linda that my wife (Susan) absolutely loved the “man song”!

    • Hi Lance,

      Theo is on the mend now, I will probably ring or see him again today, I will pass on your well wishes. His little spill made me think that perhaps I should buy myself a mobile phone and join the modern World at last. I ride alone most of the time and a mobile phone would be very handy in a situation.



  8. Dave:

    I wished you lived closer to me. I could have you fixed up in a jiffy. I went to the swap meet/flea market today to try and find a 12v to 6v adapter. the best I could come up with was a 12V to USB powered connecter, and I could have bought the USB cable with the power plug on the end, but I wasn’t sure if your camera would work with only 5 volts instead of 6 volts. If I had a volt meter to test most likely it may have been putting higher than 5 volts. I am sure that when you batteries run down it is probably lower than 5 volts before it shuts down.
    It is easy to find a wiring diagram for the two 5v wires on the USB plug and just solder the round power plug to it. The centre pole is usually + (Positive). check out a store that sells iPODS and ask for the 12v automotive to USB plug. We can purchase ones made in china here for around C$5. (give or take a dollar or two).

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • Hey Bob,

      Progress has been made last night (Finally) on the camera battery problem, I have identified the contacts inside the camera and made fake batteries out of toilet roll cardboard with a metal screws at one end with a piece of wire attached.

      I now have a lead running out of the camera, however the camera does not work on 3volts any more??? It now needs 6v to work???? Anyway the camera stayed alive for a couple of hours last night and I was able to make over an hour of video before my small AA batteries died.

      Today I will buy the fat batteries and see what happens, if the camera still sucks up 6v instead of 3v, then that will be better for me because there are many 5v,6v,9v car chargers here for about 2 Pounds (3 USD) but no 3v chargers.

      Thanks for your idea about about the USB contacts, I shall do that if I get stuck.

      I am just wandering Bob……do you think my camera now needs 6v to work instead of 3v because of the length of the cable ( 4 feet) I have connected to it, plus I used metal screws instead of brass??? Just a thought!!



  9. Sorry to read about Theo’s spill – it’s all part of the learning process….

    I’m impressed that YOU were demonstrating IAM Advanced riding skills – i.e. positioning for maximum view and travelling at a speed where you could either stop in the distance that you could see or take avoiding action!!

    TTFN, Bbbbbbbbrains

    • Hi Nikos,

      I think it’s mostly fear that keeps me careful on bends lol…had a spill when I was 17 on a bend, it hurt!!!!…been careful and slow on bends ever since, now straight lines where I can see miles ahead is a different matter lol.

      I will see if there are any IAM tips on the internet tonight, still wrestling with bloody camera batteries at the moment lol.



  10. http://www.iam.org.uk/do_you_want_to_be_a_better_rider_/doyouwanttobeabetterrider.html

    This new IAM book is pretty good but does not deal specifically with Turkish drivers during ramadan!

    N i mean Brains

  11. Hope your mate recovers OK…live and learn as Nikos said, can never be to careful going around bends, its where the majority of motorbike accidents always happen.Not much damage to the bike either, Theo got away lucky!!


    • Hi Stan,

      I phoned Theo the other day, he’s on the mend, though it might be a little while before we go off riding together again!!



  12. Ouch!!!…Had a few tumbles myself over the years lol…Send my best to your mate Theo, I wish him a speedy recovery. No I’m older, I don’t ride racers anymore, but have changed to cruisers….A lot slower, and all those chrome crashbars and pannier bars give me a lot of leg protection for the next tumble.

    Sliders protect the bike, but crash/engine bars protect you and the bike!!

    Regards to both of you, shame he would not let you give him heart message LMAO!!!…

    • Hi Roy,

      Theo is getting a small set of crash bars made next week I think, or possibly the week after…It’s Byram holidays here now…



  13. Hi everybody:

    Yesterday ı just make a little test for my self. ı wanted to learn what will ı feel. I went to the same place where ı had the accident.
    Uff ı wasn’t excepting the fear. I couldnt turd the bends. I thought that ı may fall down anytime. That was terrible.
    I need ı little time ı think. Now ı am trying to put on my head set to bike.
    Thanks to everyone.

    • Hi Theo,

      It was good that you try to ride again, the fear will go slowly……….yavaş, yavaş, kardeşim.



  14. :))

  15. Cheapskates! That’s what comes of trying to save a few lira each on the tunnel toll…

  16. Cool Bike, sad to say what you happened to your feet. Next time, Ride Safe….

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