During our search of the Sani (Industrial area) yesterday we found out the Turkish word for Crash bars is TAMPON.

We had to control our selves from laughing, and Linda simply refuses to ask any more mechanics.


So now its me that has to ask the mechanics,

”I need a Tampon fitting,” lol….

This has to be the funniest translation we have come across in the five years we have been in Turkey, feel free to leave your jokes in the comments section lol..



~ by travelswithmymotorbike on July 16, 2009.

30 Responses to “LOST IN TRANSLATION”

  1. I had a similar problem buying rawlplugs in Geneva!


  2. So with a Tampon fitted will it give you a more comfortable ride lol


  3. Just the thought of your wife asking a mechanic for ‘Tampons’ was funny enough. Don’t need to make any jokes after that.

    • Hi Danny,

      We just could not look at each other for a few minutes incase we burst out laughing lol..



  4. Funny……!!!!
    A tampon for every occasion..

  5. Helps to soak up the sweat Ha,Ha,Ha


  6. I wonder if the manufacterers of Tampons realise they offer protection on a motorbike also LOL…


  7. Soooo funny your comments, I refuse to ask a mechanic to fit my tampon, even biker chicks have limits 🙂

  8. I can see that it will run forever…very a propos…I need a Tampon to protect my Moto

    • Hi Berge,

      Not many people could make a rhyme out of tampons and motorbikes……you are truly talented at verse !

      ”very a propos…I need a Tampon to protect my Moto”

      You win the poetry prize 🙂



  9. I think Berge wins the perve prize!

    French Swiss for tampon was “le rawlplug”. or was it the other way round? Anyway I had problems in the Pharmacy when I explained that I wanted to attach a shelf bracket to a cavity wall.

    • Hi Nikos,

      LOL….You just can’t make these things up lol…



  10. Nikos,
    not my fault mate…I was born that way birth defect they called it, when they diagnosed I was a perv…lol

    • Hi berge,

      Wow two prizes in the same day….anyone who can work photoshop, we need cirtificates lol..



  11. So it’s tampons all round then and Linda can have Mrs Nikos’ BMW for a box of rawlplugs……….

    • Hi Nikos,

      Is Mrs. N’s BMW still plying up……….not sure if a box of rawlplugs for a 25 year old Beemer is a good deal for me, have to think about it lol…

      Have you decided if your going to restore it ?



  12. Interesting one Dave: Mrs N’s BMW is in Wiesbaden, Mrs N is in Vienna and I’m in Knutsford so a box of rawlplugs is as relevant as the price of biscuits in Kas!
    She wants to ride it but is nervous: I want her to ride it but am nervous (it needs a new battery and does not seem to want to idle). I would like to give her a good going over….

    • Hi Nikos,

      Funny you should mention biscuits, they are more expensive in Kas than here lol..

      Is your mrs. nervous about the ride or just nervouse about the ride because the bikes playing up ? Think I went to Hospital in Wiesbaden in the late 60’s, small World !!

      Battery is easy sorted, do you think worn carb needles or perferated diafram, at least there is no fancy electronics which is a blessing, as you say it would be better if you looked it over first.



      • Dave
        Probably the latter especially with the inability to restart the engine.
        She has not ridden a proper motorcycle for years (since her Mother made her take the bike test at age 18! Her Mother has the view that if the Russians invade again then the only method of escape would be on two wheels!!)
        pretty competent on a scooter on Greek roads tho’.
        Chhers for now, N the apprentice BMW mechanic

        • Hi Nikos,

          Can see your wifes mothers point of view on the Russians invading, bet there was a few people in Gorgia last year that wished they could have ridden away to safty over a quiet mountain pass.

          Good luck with the restoration,



  13. oops, the bike I meant to say. It’s actually quite a nice ride and has “character”. So I suspect that I will try a light restoration over winter (we are already having a “debate” about what colour she should be…)

    TTFN N

  14. I will never view rawlplugs and crash bars in the same way ever again lol…


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