Today we’re of to Serigerme beach, a little run of about 20 miles, more riding practice for my daughter, firstly though its find “Little Vic” a tortoise that wandered in and adopted us.

Every morning find little Vic for his breakfast


He quite often gets himself stuck on the gates and needs a little shove.

He climbs the gate to get from one side of the garden to the other



This whole episode took about 20 minutes to photograph, you never get any action blur when photographing him!

Over !!

Thats the entertainment over for the day, on the bikes and off to the beach.

Today we are off to Sarigerme beach for a swim

V speeding past


I like to take beach photos from in the sea with the beach in the background.



Fag break


Group shot

Dry-off and back on the bikes to Dalaman.

On our way back home



~ by travelswithmymotorbike on January 11, 2015.

6 Responses to “A DAY AT THE BEACH”

  1. nice beach, looks like you had it all to youselves

  2. Its no wonder your cameras never last long 🙂

    • Yeah, about a year each camera used to last, I should put a Go-Pro on my Christmas list…

  3. Dave, You are even further behind with your blog than me – Welcome back!

    • Nikos me ol China, how are you doing, the last I remember you were moving to Greece and still getting around to finishing that bathroom 🙂

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