My daughter came out to Turkey for a holiday, within two hours of stepping off the plane she asked to ride one of the bikes, having no experience other than being a pillion on her boyfriends bike back in UK , I insisted she learned on a scooter first.

Why learn on a scooter first?…It’s much easier, there’s so much less to think about, they weigh less, the brakes are what your used too, being on the handle bars just like a peddle bike that we all have ridden when we were children, also there’s no clutch and gears to think about, its all automatic, not having to think about these things frees up your mind to learn road sense. The highest accident rates on the roads are among new drivers and new riders.

Arrived in Dalaman

I repaired the scooter and checked everything was working.

“ This is a mirror Vienna, you don't need them in Turkey”

We went through all the switches and what they do, practiced finding the engine kill switch without looking, its best to find this one automatically because when you need to use it, your generally in a panicked/flustered situation.

Control practice

Next it was practice getting used to where the automatic clutch starts to bite, roll a few inches, then power off and gently brake, its important to get a feel for the front wheel brake, harsh stabby braking locks up the front wheel and never ends well for the rider.

“Go on you have my full attention”

Next was ride the length of the garden, gently stop and practice maneuvering, turning as if parking in town, the trick to not being wobbly on a bike is to look far ahead to where you want to be and not to look down.


Getting better


Lastly it was practice maneuvering as if parking in a tight place with the engine helping you shunt the bike around.

No problems - on the roads next

Next it was out on some quiet back roads to learn road sense.

Wild Hogs Baby !!

Everyone has their own idea about road sense on bikes, mine are to ride in the center of the lane not near the edge, and definitely not in the gutter as many novice riders start out in, all the dust, grit,gravel and various bits that drop of cars and trucks end up here, its slippery for a bike and also there is nowhere to go if you need to make an evasive maneuver.

Quick ride around and then off to the beach

She’s a very quick learner, so next of we went on to the main roads and a little 20 mile run to one of the beaches we like.




Wild Hogs Baby

Practiced the knuckle salute!!


Stopped and had a quick lesson about riding on dirt tracks, you have to be very gentle with the brakes, power and no sudden harsh movements steering.


Quick pit stop for a coke

Stopped at a little cafe for some lunch.


Then its just a mile or so the the beach.

Nearly at the beach


Just a quick paddle about at the beach.

Sarigerme beach

Had a quick paddle, water warm so coming back tomorrow

V and Linda


Off for a run back home.

On our way back home




We decided that tomorrow we’d  leave earlier and spend the day at the beach.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on January 10, 2015.


  1. She looks very comfortable and confident, well done your daughter!!

  2. Nice to see you posting again old boy, I’ve often wondered what happened to you, you’ve been silent way to long, glad your matey!!!!

    Regards Stan

    • Hi Stan,

      Got stuck with farming and bloody animals this past 4 years but thats all gone now along with the Mrs. so I’ve thought long and hard about what to do next and I keep coming up with either nothing or bike!! You still working at the same place?



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