An update first on our little farm, the two baby goats have been sold to market a couple of weeks ago and since then all the milk has been ours, she produces a constant two liters per day, but occasionally 2.5 liters.

Opinion is very much divided about pasteurizing Goat milk, since it doesn’t contain anywhere near the amount of harmful bacteria that cow and sheep milk contains, many say there’s no need to boil it. We’ve done both, sometimes we pasturise and sometimes we don’t, there’s no difference we can tell, so it’s  probably just one of those things you have to decide for yourself!!

FETA cheese is the easiest cheese to make so we started with that, also if it goes wrong and you have your temperatures to high it just turns in to RICOTTA cheese, so you have two chances with the same milk. The milk is heated to 37-38c then the Rennet is  added, about 5 drops per liter, stir in gently then leave under a cover for half an hour. Pour off the whey and scoop the cheese (Looks like Cottage cheese at this stage) in to a muslin bag, squeeze then hang the bag for and hour or two until all the remaining whey has dripped out.

Set the cheese in to a mold then you are supposed to leave it for a month to mature, but we eat it the next day, sometimes we’ve put garlic in the cheese or salt.

The whey isn’t wasted either, you can either boil it up for RICOTTA or use it for animal feed, we just use it for the dog,cats and chickens.

We’ve also made yogurt, heat to 40c and add two table spoons of live yogurt per liter, stir in gently then wrap up in a towel or insulate the pot for 8 – 12 hours to keep it warm, turns in to natural yogurt and then just add fruit or what ever takes your fancy.

We’ve also grown our very first string of garlic, since that’s been successful we’re going to plant much more this winter.

Garlic yogurt is one of my favorites, very nice on chips.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on June 3, 2012.


  1. What does goats milk taste like

    • Hi Owen,

      Goats milk tastes like low fat cow milk, kinda like the 1% or 1.5% stuff….



  2. Your getting very proficient at producing your own food from the land, I envy you, costs me a hundred quid each week we go to asda.

    • me too,food never used to cost this much:(

    • Hi Phil,

      We’re getting there slowly, theres a lot more to this veggie growing and animal husbandry malarkey than we realised lol….



  3. Well done!!

    • Hi James,

      Cheers, soon be time for the Mrs to start baking apple pies :)…

  4. Like the garlic string, had a nice couple of days off here watching the jubilee.

    • Hi Graham,

      The Mrs watched a lot of the jubilee here over the internet, I barely even knew it was happening lol…



  5. Simply delightful, I’m so glad your progressing well you remind me of Tom and Barbra from the Good Life 🙂

    • Hi Donna,

      Theres so much to learn about veggies and animals but were getting there slowly!!



  6. Hi Dave,
    Found your website back… something with Transalp, Dalyan and Ortaga isn’t it.?
    I am back …hasta etc

    • Hi Rene,

      Long time no see, how are you, what have you been doing??



      • Building and maintaining a website and writing a book. It s nearly finished.
        How is business. You still ike it there ?

  7. HI Dave,
    I saw garlic strings on the ceiling. Thats good for food but not for “other things”. Bulgaria is not far from Roumenia and Serbia and you know that Count Dracula lived in the Balcan.
    When I worked in the Zovodi Crvena Zastava factory in Kragujevac (Fiat in Yougaslavia in 1970) years ago we went off the road on a sight seeing tour and asked for directions. When we arrived at a farm, there were some bats pinned/spiked to the big farm doors, together with a lot of garlac.
    And you know now why now ….
    Have a good sleep and be careful !

    • Hi Rene,

      We like garlic, it hides the smell of the farm animals lol…..I am far from Serbia but only 25 minutes from Romania, Dracula lived in Romania, one day I will visit his castle on an old motorbike, the clouds of smoke and the smell of 2 stroke oil will keep the vampires away!! We still like it here, Linda has more animals now, 7 chickens and 3 goats, they are taking up more time than young children 🙂



  8. Hi Dave,
    Wintersleep or are you waiting for the summer ?

    • Hi Rene,

      Didnt see your comment buried in my e-mail…Been busy mate, built a bathroom over winter and decorated a couple of rooms in the house, started working on the garden now, also our goats are having babies at this time, theres just not enough hours hours in the day lol



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