At long last work began, and actually completed for once, on our temporary fireplace in the lounge. We considered all sorts of materials along the way but I really wanted it to be made of traditional materials, brick and stone, not just any brick or modern brick but old brick!!

The old stone slabs I found quite by accident in the chicken run buried under soil and chicken poo.

I had previously molded a concrete slab to act as a base, the stone was cemented on top with a single row of facing bricks.

After much asking around we finally managed to buy 330 old second hand bricks, they cost 10 stinkie each (4 pence) The difficult thing about working with old reclaimed bricks is that they are all slightly different sizes.

I liberated an old air vent from a friends rubbish pile, this will be the fresh air supply intake in the future, when I get around to it!!

Two metal strips to make a bridge over the air vent cover.

The brick laying was very slow work, I couldn’t find a pointing trowel anywhere so I just built it all using a wall paper scraper 🙂

The 14 x 14cm beam 4m long cost me 30 lev (12 Pounds) I’ve only used 1.5m on this fireplace the remainder will be used on a much bigger ingle nook type fireplace that I might get around too later in the year.

The chimney breast took me all day to make but is actually just layers of plasterboard sheet with the detailing also made from plasterboard.

Couple of layers of stain varnish.

Everything is now blended in to the back wall.

All finished, one old fireplace.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on May 11, 2012.

22 Responses to “BUILDING A FIREPLACE”

  1. Uncle Davey:

    Very nice Fireplace. You are a master at doing most anything, and for minimal costs too.

    can’t wait to see it in person (sigh, one day)

    Riding the Wet Coast
    My Flickr // My YouTube

    • Hi Uncle Bob,

      Its the minimal cost thats the important part…Still got a long way to go before the house is finished yet lol



  2. That does look grand mate well done

    • Hi Stan,

      Thanks for that,Not turned out too bad this job 🙂



  3. Wow!!…Simply gorgeous

  4. Cant believe how cheap you got them bricks..your a tight get!!

    • Hi Owen,

      10 stinkies (4 pence) is about the going rate, I’ve got a few left over do you want me to post you a couple lol…



  5. Laying bricks with a wallpaper scraper lol…You must have been on a day rate 🙂

  6. Long time no see!

    Are Bulgarian bricks the same size as Brits?

    • Well hello stranger!!….I haven’t measured any but they are definitely similar in size to UK bricks and a lot cheaper, the bricks I used were reclaimed bricks and some varied in size.



  7. Your always tanned,bloody freezing again here, starting to hate you lol

    • Hi James,

      It was the goat shepherding that led to the tan/sunburn, I’m not laying down on a sunbed I can assure you!!



  8. Hi Dave,

    Are you around mid-June. Me and the Mrs are popping up to Doug’s place.


    T’other Dave

    • Hi T’other Dave,

      Yep we’ll be here, let us know what day/time your at Dougs and we’ll try to get up there, I finally relented and bought a Sat Nav at long last so should be able to find his house….



  9. We’ll be staying in Idilevo from 12th-17th June and borrowing a bike from Doug. We want to have a look see around the local area so we could come to you if only we knew where you were.

    All t’best,

    T’other Dave and Juliet

    • Hi Dave,

      Maslarevo no.92, just ask any people about the village for David and Linda, must warn you though the house is still in the process of renovation and the garden is like the Somme, but we have a kettle!!

      From Dougs I’m probably an hour and a half away on the main roads or about 45 minutes away on the back roads, the back roads can be a little bumpy though lol..



  10. Cheers Dave. We’ll pop over! I’ll have my lippylappytoppy with me so I can drop you a note from BG when we get there

    See ya in a bit.


  11. Hi Dave,

    Got a map, a bike and half a plan. 1300hrs at Chez Linda avec Dave tomorrow OK?



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