Well its just one week today that the baby goats were born, we got off to a bumpy start but perhaps being thrown in at the deep end, head first with concrete blocks tied to you is maybe the best way to learn quickly!!

One of the goats wasn’t feeding by himself at first very well so we went to a mother and baby shop, mimed “Baby bottle for our little goat” The shop assistant found it very funny when Linda and I were miming goats complete with fingers sticking up on top of our heads for the horns and making “Baaa” sounds, must learn a bit of the language one day.

Mum and babies, one week old.

Its amazing just how quick animals can walk about from birth.

Puppies are cute, kittens are cute but baby goats are just seriously cute!!

We decided to let them out into their field today for the first time, Linda gave the chickens a talking too and told them not to frighten the babies!!

We thought at first that the chickens had come over to start some trouble, but they were just curious to get a good look at the new arrivals!!

Whilst I your gallant reporter got on with the important job of taking photos, Linda was mucking out all the stables and coops.

This area was the veggie plot but now will be sewn with Alfalfa grass and be for the goats.

Once the dogs had a good sniff of the goats they were happy and settled down, I would just point out to any animal lovers reading that at no time were the dogs in any danger!!

Goats like to play and climb, Linda sat contemplating how to make them swings and a slide.

Time for a quick feed then back to jumping and springing about.

Linda meanwhile had begun construction of a goat play ground.



~ by travelswithmymotorbike on March 3, 2012.

22 Responses to “OUT ON A LAMB….”

  1. Aaawww just lovely, nice pics for a change Dave!!

    • Hi Donna,

      Thanks, yes despite Linda butchering the cameras USB cable connection it still kinda works lol…



  2. Nice fotos, not chosen names yet,what about donna and kebab lol

    • Hi Owen,

      So far the Mrs has chosen Billy 1 and Billy 2 as the names, maybe she’ll change to minty and saucy!!



  3. Goats playground!! I just never know when you guys are serious or not lol.


    • Hi Andy,

      No, no…Its a fact, we checked it out on the internet, goats like a playground to climb about on!!



  4. If that’s your Luzerne grass plot it’s not going to work. It’s not big enough to both support grazing for 3 goats and supply winter silage. If you’re doing one or the other then the cost/benefit ratio only works if you’ve decided to use them for meat or dairy. If they’re pets then there’s no problem. You can buy in the extra feed.

    Luzerne is always better for winter silage anyway as grazing causes bloatage.

    • Hi GK,

      That piece of land is just for grazing on, I have the use of another half acre to grow hay on for winter and corn stalks, the two babies are going to be swapped soon for a female, we just want 2 dairy goats but she arrived pregnant and we just took a chance on what we would get, if the Mrs had her way we would be having half a dozen goats or more!!



  5. Just so you know, I put my goats on grass in the summer and keep the Luzerne for silage.

    • I’ve not herd of Luzerne before, I’ll look into it….Most people here say Alfalfa and corn stalks for winter, very grateful for any tips you can throw our way, we are very new to keeping proper animals as you can probably tell!!..



      • Luzerne is alfalfa. With 3 goats your plot’ll be bare earth in a week. You can only cut alfalfa for silage 3 or 4 times a year so imagine how much’ll be left after the goats have been at it. Like I said, they get can bloatage from it. It causes real distress & the quickest way to fix it is to stab the stomach with a knitting needle. Keep out of nose range of the gases.

        If you have grass verges on your frontage you can peg the nanny out there. The kids will stay with her untethered while they’re young. Goats are a full-time job. You have to top and tail them daily i.e. check each one mouth and arse for disease and parasites.

        • *can get

        • Hi GK,

          Luzerne is Alfalfa LOL….You can see why we found it so confusing, the Mrs does do a lot of knitting so I’ll tell her about the new use for knitting needles 🙂 Our neighbours have been around to tell us off quite regularly, we have a barn full of hay but its not the right sort apparently so they gave us a couple of bales of Luzerne and also the goat food pellet stuff we bought is wrong also and they’ve given us a sack of corn to be going on with. Today we were on our hands and knees studying whats growing in the field and comparing it to samples of Luzerne hay, and it does look like we have Luzerne already sewn there.

          We will decide later exactly what we are going to do with the field, ie graze it or let the hay grow, all Bulgarian villages have a goat master, and a sheep master and a cow master, plus many hectares of communal grazing, it costs about 5 lev (2 Pounds) a month to have your goat/sheep/cow collected and then they all spend the day out grazing and are brought back home again around 6 o’clock.

          Hay prices here depend on the time of year, from 1.50 lev (0.60 pence) to 7 lev (3 Pounds) a bale in winter, corn stalks is another thing they feed goats etc on here.

          Thanks for the tips!!



          • Sounds like you researched goat-keeping really well before you bought. I hate to see goats suffer.

            • Cheers, yeah all good here now, see how we get on with the next goat in about 6 weeks time..



              • Another goat?

                There’s a a bloke close to you. Var something. Gave him loads of advice. Of course, I get a cut. Anyway, keeps goats, kills them halal-style, EU-certificated. Ships them to Istanbul. A van, 5 hours, no problem.

  6. Old MacDonald had a farm Ee i ee i o
    FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!! Woolly hat off to you both !!

    • Hey Jackie,

      So how many goats are you getting for your place next month then lol??….The Mrs is on about getting a pig next!!



  7. Jumpers for chickens, swings for goats, whats next trampolines for penguins lol

    • Hi Graham,

      Ooh now theres an idea….Trampolines for goats, then they would give us butter and cheese, a good time saving tip lol!!



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