Whilst staring into space the other day, I quite often have that facial expression when I’m thinking, I had one of those “Eureka” moments. If I cut a hole in the wall from the temporary fire place in the lounge through to the kitchen, then coupled up the metal pipes from the kitchens wood burning stove, I would then be heating up the kitchen for free.

The heat that is produced from the metal flu pipes even 4 meters away from the fire can still be too hot to touch by hand, that’s a lot of free heat that would otherwise have just gone up the chimney.

The flu pipe used to go off to the right and up the chimney.

I wasn’t able to find a “T” piece despite much searching about the local and large town hardware shops, so I had to kinda make my own “T” section with an angle grinder and bits and pieces from my little workshop/junk room.

Some fancy shmancy  measuring to make it look like I know what I’m doing, then I drilled a circle of holes to make the job easier before cutting through the bricks with a hammer and chisel.

Kitchen side, the metal pipe now comes through the wall from the lounge, very hot, travels almost 2 meters along and then in to the chimney stack in the corner. This pipe throws out probably the equivalent of two 3 bar electric fires on full. The wood burning oven, although we’ve used it in the past, is mostly just for decoration now but I’ve coupled all the pipes together “Just in case” we  ever want to fire it up again in the future.

Also a series of brass hooks have since been screwed into the beams adjacent the flu pipe where Linda hangs difficult to dry laundry, what used to take days to dry in winter now drys overnight!!

On the lounge side, the temporary fire place flu now goes straight through the back wall instead of off to the right, the temporary fire place is temporary because we couldn’t agree whether it should have a surround of old brick or stone, its therefore been left as is until a decision is made.

The lounge is 20m2 and the kitchen area is 35m2, so 55m2 is now heated by just one 14kw wood burner, useful for those who like to live off grid also.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on January 9, 2012.

29 Responses to “FREE HEATING…”

  1. Bloody hell when did you finish the kitchen off, looking grand matey

    • Hi James,

      Its still not finished, there’s a few bits and bobs to be nailed together here and there yet!!



  2. Indeed, I dont remember any finished photos either, I’m almost afraid to ask but what are your heating bills for winter out there??

    • Hi Graham,

      Yeah never really did a finished kitchen set of photos because I’m still doing bits here and there in between other bit here and there lol…It’ll finish one day!!



  3. Sorry just noticed looking at the pics again, how does a double spout tea pot work and why lol??

    • Its from Turkey, most of their tea pots are like that, hot water in the bottom larger pot, hot water and strong tea in the top pot, when you want a cuppa you pour halfish from the top pot of tea then dilute with plain hot water from the bottom pot.



  4. Uncle Dave:

    Blimey, you mean . . . you had an eureka moment ! It was a good idea, now you can put more $$ into that m/c fund

    Riding the Wet Coast

    • Hi Uncle Bob,

      Thats probably my one good idea for the whole year now lol…I can take the rest of the year easy now lol.



  5. NOW you can say
    SEE I TOLD YOU SO bloody genus you are !!

    • Hi Jackie,

      Your very charitable, its so simple as are the best ideas, just had to see it thats all lol….



  6. Nice neat bit of plumbing there……Go on do tell, whats your winter heating bills 50 quid ???

    • Hi Simon,

      Thanks, fits where it touches!!…..Winter heating bills 50 quid??…. Not that high mate, not yet!!….This is our second free winter here because we kept all the scrap wood from the 7 buildings we took down, winter number 3 next year will be different, though I have coppiced 2 m3 already from my trees in the garden this year and could probably coppice 2 m3 free every year. Then I would only need to buy 3 or 4 m3 each year but I’m thinking of installing inverter air cons for heating because 1kw input power gives 3 to 5 kw heat out put….I’m still studying heat pumps and have not reached any desicions yet.



  7. your kitchens gorgeous Dave, its probably the camera angle that makes it look different than before, just lovely!!

    • Hi Donna,

      Your very kind, its probably the dirt on the camera lens that makes it look nice lol..



  8. Knowing you ya tight get, winter probably pays you!! LOL

    • Hi Owen,

      I wish it did lol…..Being careful with money is a virtue, thats what I always tell the Mrs. anyway lol…



  9. hahahahahaha how well you know my husband Owen 😀

  10. Looks a champion job mate, not sure I get the Alice in Wonderland tea pot or heat pums, I’m sure it will all become clear later 🙂


    • Hi Stan,

      When I understand the science in air to air heat pumps vs air con inverters rest assured I will tell you all about it lol…They look the bloody same to me!!



  11. Archimedes actually proclaimed “Eureka onions”, when his bad breath smelling nanny came to take him out of the bath.

    • Hi Nikos,

      Your such a scientist boffin type chap that I’m going to believe you and relate that Archimedes anecdote to everyone I meet lol..



      • Sounds true to me, I vaguely remember him being in a bath, its a long time since I was at school but does sound familiar!!

        • Hi Robo,

          I meant to Google it but been on thinking about other things and projects in the house, but I too remember bath!!



  12. Uncle Dave:

    that’s what I need . . . a bath nanny, preferrably without onion breath. I can’t imagine what it would feel like to just lie there and have the bath nanny do her thing, and getting cleaned at the same time

    Riding the Wet Coast

    • Why Uncle Bob,

      Isn’t a holiday abroad the perfect time to try exotic new experiences like a bath nanny with vanilla or Budweiser scented breath, look foward to the rest of your reports from Hawaii 😉



    • I cant post on your blog again mate, you been fiddling with your settings again??

  13. Found you on My Bulgaria of all places, Hmm your set up here has me thinking, might have to do a little knocking through here and there myself come the spring, keep up the good work, I like your blog!!


    • Hi Andy,

      Yeah, I’ve placed a number of links on My Bulgaria where I think perhaps something I’ve done might be useful to others, sometimes its just easier to show something with photos than to try and describe with words….



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