Never touch another man’s nuts, sage advice for walnut gathering here in Bulgaria. There is a Walnut etiquette here we’ve been learning, any tree on the outside/roadside  boundary of a property is considered off-limits to Walnut pickers and belonging to that property. Communal land, of which there is plenty in villages, our village has about 50,000 m2 of Walnut plantation that any resident of the village can pick for themselves, outsiders would be chased away with specially bred Rabid  dogs and Tetanus enriched pitch forks!!

The old fathers of my village planted many Walnut trees along the West and Southern edge of the village communal land some 20 or 30 years ago as well as inside the village. Also looking at satellite photos to find the  old inter-village roads of yore that are seldom used today, these old disused roads were almost all lined with Walnut trees.

Today, whilst out Wombling (If you have to ask what a Womble is, then your far too old or “Grown-up” to read this blog.) we walked a little way along one of the old tree-lined roads.

The trees belong to the local Municipality, if you live in the local Municipality you are free to pick them, this particular old road is 4 miles (5KM) long.

I’ve seen other old disused roads on the satellite photos and we shall explore those another day, we didn’t walk very far along this road because our pockets and Womble bag were soon full of Walnuts. Linda and I are new to Wombling, taking our inspiration from friends in other villages, we really should bring more bags with us, or the car!!


With so much interest in the Wombles from 40 years ago, they are still going and were this years hit at The Glastonbury Festival 2011, you just cant make this stuff up 🙂


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on December 11, 2011.


  1. Wombels, what ever happened to them??

    • Victims of their own success, I believe they did indeed move away from Wimbledon…



  2. They came to Bulgaria Owen to gather up walnuts 🙂

  3. Only you could think up using satellite imagery to find free Walnuts lol, well done good idea!!

  4. Would never dream of touching another mans nuts LOL…

  5. So what are you going to do with all these nuts then, just sell them?

    • Hi Robo,

      Sell most of them, we have spy’s in 3 villages monitoring the Walnut price hour by hour, minute by minute, we need to find the secret location of the wholesale buyers since I could now almost fill a normal size car with nuts!!

      The rest we are going to eat ourselves, they really do relive aches and pains..



  6. I feel a song coming on !!!! over ground under ground
    the wombels of Bulgaria are wombling free yippee
    you brighten up my day

    • Hey, Remember your a womble!! Remember that song on the radio for weeks lol…



  7. Has no one spotted the connection yet?? Wombles AND Great Uncle Bulgaria – Spooky 🙂

    • Hi James,

      Think you may have discovered one of the twentieth centuries great unsolved mysteries/conspiracies there, its just tooooo much of a coincidence, I’m surprised there wasn’t an episode of the “x- Files” dedicated to just this…..



  8. Maybe the creator of the Wombles came from Bulgaria, I feel an afternoon of Googling coming on lol

  9. When I came into work today, not for a moment did I think I would be reading about another mans nuts or having the Womble tune spinning around in my head lol

  10. Uncle David:

    no wombles in the “New World”, or is there. Haven’t seen one, no one I know has any either. Must be a UK thing.

    If I understand this correctly then people over here, womble for empty soda cans. They can be redeemed for .05c each, larger litre bottles are .25c.

    get a scooter, beats walking . . .

    Riding the Wet Coast

  11. LOL Just brill, never thought to hear the wombels song ever again, I remember watching theses sat on the floor in front of the telly after school lol

  12. They are so kitsch that they became cooool ha ha

    • Hi Simon,

      I do wonder at times what non UK people must think of modern British culture sometimes lol..



  13. Been whistling the Wombles tune during my rounds tonight lol

  14. Last day at work for a while, best wishes for Christmas and the New Year matey!!

    • Hey James,

      Thanks for sticking with the old blog for yet another year, best wishes to you and yours!!



  15. We wish you a wombling merry Christmas can you remember this song ??
    or am i losing my walnut’s
    Have a great Christmas & a fantastic new year

    • Hi Jackie,

      Thanks for joining the list of blog comment nutters here,the comments section is often better than the main story lol, Best wishes for Christmas and the New year to you and yours!!



  16. Best wishes to you both and look forward to more of your barmy adventures lol

    • Hi Donna,

      Thanks for another year, I might even take a photo of a motorbike one day LOL, Best wishes to you and hubby for Christmas and the New year!!



  17. Merry Christmas to you and Linda!!

  18. All the best for Chrimbo Davey lad, looking forward to more adventures next year.

    Regards Stan.

    • Hi Stan,

      All the best for 2012 matey, time you put your feet up instead of pounding the corridors night after night..



  19. Uncle Dave:

    a Merry Christmas to you and Linda.

    I’m hoping that one day after you take over the \walnut market you may find time to find another bike, or at least, take a photo of one

    congrats on keeping off the ciggies, and for conquering your weight reduction plan. With a reduced ciggie budget, reduced food budget, and high sales of walnuts, along with the stolen ones, you would think that your banker, Linda, would relent and buy you a bike for Christmas

    Riding the Wet Coast

    • Hi Uncle Bob,

      I’ve researched my own question from last week, its our third Christmas together Bob, some marriages don’t even last that long, all the best once again for 2012, I will try very hard to find a bike and photograph it lol…




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