Having never owned a tree before in my life, I now suddenly have 65 trees of various types to take care off. I have been learning from Youtube how one goes about pruning and taking care of fruit trees etc. The largest trees I have are the Walnuts, they must be 25m high and 12m wide, I have plenty of space for them but the issue is that some of them have branches to close to the barn roof and just need to be pruned back a little.

My other fruit trees, apple, cherry, peach, apricot, mulberry, plumb and pear just need a vicious assault with a chainsaw to get them back into shape but Walnuts are a little different, they are a protected tree in Bulgaria and your not allowed to fell them, only to trim them when they are near buildings, the wood from a Walnut tree is worth a small fortune as are the Walnuts themselves.

According to Youtube, winter is the best time for pruning trees, when the sap has fallen back, Walnuts are a very sappy tree and will bleed profusely if trimmed in summer, Linda was bonfire monitor whilst I played chainsaw massacre with the trees.

Because the Walnut tree are so tall and I “Dont do heights.” Another method of trimming the branches was needed…..Chainsaw on a stick!!

This method might not be suitable for some but worked great for me!!

The trigger on the saw was taped in the “On” position, the chainsaw (Which is very heavy) was then taped to two sticks with Linda being my “On – off” switch by plugging and unplugging the extension cables – simplicity itself!!

Walnuts are very sappy trees, after a few hours trimming it was as though it was raining around the tree.

Untill now we had been giving all our Walnuts away to friends and neighbours, feeding them to the dogs, burning them and just throwing them away in the rubbish bin. They are worth money, so we have started to pick some up from around the trees now, the price is per Kilo and they are sold in the shell, buyers drive around the villages here with loudspeakers on their cars asking for Walnuts.

The price of Walnuts depends on the time of year and the region, friends tell us, so putting all information together the Walnut price is between 1 to 3 Lev per kilo (0.50 to 1.50 Euro per kilo) with Springtime being the highest price and September being the lowest price.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on December 8, 2011.

21 Responses to “WALNUTS”

  1. “chainsaw on a stick” …….How your not on television I just dont know lol

  2. Still looks quite warm out there, love the chainsaw on a stick!!

    • Hi Graham,

      yes the weird winter weather continues, the mercury touched 21c here a couple of days ago and tomorrow we could have snow!!



  3. I always wanted a money tree in my garden lol

  4. Good one Davey boy, your tales brighten up the night shift

    • Hi Stan,

      I remember the long night shifts at work, struggling to keep awake lol…



  5. I see a DIY book in the making ?? pure brilliance keep those tips coming!!!

    • Hi Jackie,

      LOL…At work back in old Blighty, they used to call it “Thinking out of the box.”



  6. I’ll wager you now fight your dogs for walnuts since you found out they’re worth money!!

    • Hi Simon,

      🙂 There is an area where the walnuts fall that might be fenced off from the dogs by this time next year lol..



  7. You have the luck of the Irish, only you could unwittingly buy a house with a garden full of money trees ha ha

    • I’m not quite that lucky Robo, I do actually have to bend down to pick them up lol…



  8. So it is true, money does grow on trees lol

    • Hi Donna,

      Indeed it does, I’ve been round to friends houses and observed the methods of weighing and storing,the storing is very important or they will turn mouldy very quickly, I’ve also been calculating average weights with quantities and an approximation given stable moisture contents would be 1 Walnut = almost 1 penny.



  9. Uncle Davie:

    While your “Chainsaw on a stick” invention is ingenius, and dangerous . . . I am more interested in your Remote voice-controlled ON/OFF switch. I need a few switches and I am unable to find the “LINDA” brand over here. Perhaps I could borrow yours and if I like the way it works, I may decided to keep it . . .

    Riding the Wet Coast

    • Hi Uncle Bob,

      LOL…Indeed a voice controlled on/off switch is a level of technical sophistication not seen on many farms here, I should patent the Linda Switch lol..



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  11. Hello Im from Russia and I have wanting to buy houses in Bulgaria.
    I look on English ebay see houses selling by Mowlems.
    Did you buy your house from Mowlems because your windows and doors look same to what this man does.
    Thankyou Ivan.

    • Hi Ivan,

      I bought my house through bulgariadirect on English ebay – The houses in Bulgaria nearly all look the same because it was a Communist country before and everybody had to be the same!!



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