Life can become strange at times, reading the Sofia Echo the other night (English version) I came across a story about a new TV. show here in Bulgaria. The story is about a Brit who comes to retire here in Bulgaria, the only English actor in the show  is none other than the once mega famous Leslie Grantham, “Dirty Den” from the BBC’s Eastenders.

The show is in Bulgarian apart from when Leslie speaks in English, but by episode 4 he is fluent in Bulgarian unlike most british ex-pats that live here, each episode is an hour long and is actually very much like village life here in Bulgaria, the show  reminds me a little of  Peter Mayles “A year in provence.” When you reach the end of the video you will see a grey box top left corner for the link to part 2 and so on..

The show is called “The English Neighbour.” and was broadcast in September 2011 Bulgaria.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on October 3, 2011.

14 Responses to “EASTENDERS in BULGARIA”

  1. Idyllic place to retire, is your village as quaint looking as the one in the film

    • Hi Stan,

      No, my village is not as tidy as the one in the film, but the easy pace of life is the same..



  2. The countryside looks so gorgeous

  3. its just not right without Angie behind the bar lol

  4. The skin head with the tattooed arms, got to be Nasty Nick!!

  5. I see what you mean about weird, its as though Dirty Den has just left the square and is now a farmer in Bulgaria trying to pull yet another bar maid!!

  6. Maybe Frank will leave Spain and help Den with is ploughing, the twists of fate can never be underestimated 🙂

  7. I was waiting for Angie to pounce out on him !!!!!

    • Hi Jackie,

      I know what you mean, he will always be Dirty Den no matter what he acts in lol..



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