Veloko Tarnovo is the old capital city of Bulgaria, standing on a prominent hill is the  fortress, constructed in the 5th Century.

We first had a slow wander around town, heading towards the fortress.

The fortress was destroyed by the invading Ottoman army in 1393, re-construction of the ruins began in 1930.

The outer stone perimeter wall took 51 years to re-construct.

Baldwin’s Tower, Baldwin was one of the more famous Crusaders of the time and Emperor of Constantinople (Istanbul) he died here in the tower in 1205.

We carried on up towards the chapel at the top of the hill.

Cathy was struggling with the heat, it was only 36c today!!

There was some nice views down the higher we climbed.

Inside the chapel.

The frescos on the walls depict the suffering of the Bulgarian people at the hands of the Ottamans.

Heading back down the hill towards the town.



~ by travelswithmymotorbike on September 14, 2011.


  1. Great, more pics to while away the hours at work 🙂

    • Hi James,

      This is why blogging was invented, to keep office workers tame lol…



  2. Good to see some of Bulgaria at last lol

    • Hi Gary,

      Its the first opportunity we’ve had to play tourist since we’ve been here..



  3. Reminds me of Italy

  4. nice pics Dave.

  5. That town on the hill looks just like some of those in Tuscany.

  6. Splendid views looking over the valley!!

    • Hi Graham,

      Yes, you dont really realise just how high up you are until you get there, sorta thing lol!!



  7. I bet your glad you no longer live in Turkey, war is never good for property values 🙂

    • Hi Phil,

      Can you believe it, Turkey threatening war against Israel, they must have a death wish….The Israelis will make mince meat out of them pretty fast!!…Very glad indeed I sold my villa there, it appears the Turkish government want to join the list of International nutters, they are still in 3rd place behind Iran and North Korea at the moment 🙂



  8. And the Turks are pulling out of the EU next year, been a busy week for international nutters!!

    • Hi James,

      How silly they are becoming, most EU countries will not be sorry to see Turkey go now, since the Turkish Govmt. has become much more Muslim in the past few years you can fore see all sorts of problems coming, the EU doesnt need another headache at the moment, its a shame for the Turkish people but its up to them not to elect nutters!!



  9. Suspect that the Turkish Govt. are very much looking for a fight/distraction so they can blame someone, anyone, for the coming economic problems there.

  10. War with Israel, out of the EU, out of NATO, next week the Turks will claim Florida is theirs and fight the yanks for it !!

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