Ignore my previous posts about how cheap concrete and building materials are here in Bulgaria, because today  I’ve just found it all even cheaper!! Concrete mix, and this time its British Standard stone chippings and not the illegal rounded stone and Sea shells stuff that is still widely used here….10 Lev = 4 GBP a ton, I will of course still carry on searching for cheaper suppliers since “Free” is my ultimate goal!!

With concrete now being even cheaper   than in my original calculations, the driveway for the cars is going to grow to around 200m2, and I’m also going to add another double garage. Also this week I’ve learned that buying cement in bulk that I get a discount, so now a bag works out at about 1.85 GBP depending on exchange rates.  The change in plans requires us to take down another building and some more trees, Maura came along to lend a hand.

We took the old loo down carefully so the bricks can be re-used in a courtyard that I’m going to build later.

My poor abused car was used to pull the tree stumps out of the ground, we did want to use a tractor but since its harvest time they were all busy in the fields.

We’re laying the concrete between 8 and 6 inches thick.

Tom, Bridie and Maura came the following day to share mixing duties.

Bridie was water slave.

Maura was Tea slave.

Linda and Tom were shoveling slaves, whilst yours truly was wheelbarrow slave.

First 8m2 section completed.

Today I took my first delivery of the new cheaper concrete mix, almost 12 tons.

The sand is also proper graded sand, I haven’t seen a single Sea shell.



~ by travelswithmymotorbike on August 28, 2011.

26 Responses to “THE JOY OF CONCRETE”

  1. Bloody hell that is cheap, concrete the lot and have no more grass to cut 🙂

    • Hi Stan,

      Funny you should say that because both Linda and I are struggling to mow a half acre of grass…I reckon we should concrete at least 1000m2 to save on grass cutting lol…



  2. Looks like thats going to be some size of driveway!!

    • Hi James,

      They are going to open an airport about 25 minutes from here at some time in the future, I could rent out overflow or long stay parking lol…



  3. I sit and weep while i read how cheap it is there…..sigh!!

    • Hi Owen,

      Still no luck persuading the wife to move here then?…….Houses are cheap here mate, make divorce really cost effective lol…



  4. Well done on the “Almost free concrete” Dave, pays to hunt about…..I read about Bulgaria on other blogs and forums as I’m sure you do, how is it I read time and time again on houses for sale that the owners have spent 30 or 50 thousand on renovation only to be selling at 25k, surely they cant all of been conned, your on the ground over there,how do you see it!!

    • Hi Simon,

      Lol…..Almost free concrete is better than cheap concrete lol. I will have to follow a truck from the builders yard one day to see where the quarry is, I reckon its probably only 2 quid a ton there!! A friend and I did this in Turkey when I needed 20 tons of flat rocks for the villa’s patio, we went to many suppliers and one day managed to catch a truck unloading, followed it back to the quarry and saved a small fortune, did the same again for garden soil.

      To answer your questions, I fully accept that DIY is not for everyone….BUT most expats I’ve met here and in Turkey and heard stories about, are fully content to just sit about in the sun boozing all day and make no effort to drive around on their own to find out the true costs of materials etc, its boring, its time consuming, but its not difficult, you dont need to know the language so long as you can point, and write numbers on a scrap of paper. Builders are human and businessmen, once they work out your a lazy beer soaked muppet, its then so easy to add on money to all aspects of the renovation, seen it sooooo often in Turkey, the builders even take them out, wine and dine them, so the customer even starts to believe they are friends, and I’ve heard this line so,so often “He’s my friend,he would never rip me off.” Its only a year or so later when they meet up with other ex-pats and compare builders and costs etc, that the penny starts to drop just how expensive your cheap house has become!!

      It really does not take much effort and research to save yourself a small fortune in any country, lazy is lazy and stupid is stupid its what makes the World go round lol…



      • Thanks for the reply Dave, your answer does make a lot of sense, I have friends who went to Spain a couple of years back and it appears to be a very similar situation there from what you say, those who sit in the bars all day end up spending tens of thousands more on their properties, a very expensive lifestyle!!

        I think you hit the nail on the head (Renovation pun lol) lazy is lazy and stupid is stupid.

        • LOL…..Nail on the head, I must try to use that one, its a great renovation pun lol……

  5. Dont tempt me LOL…..buuuuuut just out of interest and research, what are the women like over there 😉

  6. LOL…Not many people would be prepared to chase trucks to a quarry, I can see how you’ve managed to save up the old pennies and retire early!!

    • Really Graham, I thought it was normal to save a quid or two lol…



  7. (drops down the scale in the villages though lol….) errr I live in a village dont forget beloved!!…dinner now cancelled….

  8. Uncle Dave:

    Looks like you are in HOT water now . You need to take her computer away, or have her pour more concrete but she is an exception, the only TEN+ in your village

    Riding the Wet Coast

    • Hes got me pouring more concrete..hes not brave enough to take my computer off me 🙂 TEN+ lol…your welcome here ANYTIME Bob….xx

    • Hi Uncle Bob,

      I’m always in trouble, nothing new there mate lol…



  9. LOL.”Beer soaked Muppets,” Britains finest export to the World lol.

    • Hi Gary,

      LOL….At least their not as bad as the football hooligans, another great British export….



  10. Hows the concreting coming along, finished yet?

    • Hi Stan,

      Slow lol……The first 10 cubic meters has been mixed and laid, only 20 cubes to go, have a guest staying in a few days so that means a holiday for a week or so now 🙂



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