We wandered over to Jordan’s house today where Maria and  Laura were visiting from the States, Jordan has kept bees for years, now he’s retired it’s just on a small-scale (Large for most people) but back in the day he used to produce 2 Tons of honey a year.

His granddaughter Laura also keeps  Bees back home in Washington and wanted to see how things are done here in Bulgaria, so running back home as fast as a professional smoker can run, bounding across the road like a gasping three legged Gazelle with a Hernia, I grabbed my camera and returned.

The top comes off after wafting some smoke about, both Linda and Maria kept a safe Chernobyl style distance away from the hives, but yours truly, with the steely determination of a BBC  War correspondent, stayed within 15 feet of the blood thirsty swarm.

Next the lid is removed.

Then the honey combed wooden slats.

The honey combs are inspected for bee eggs and if the honey is ready for harvest and some other things I’ve forgotten.

The feather is to gently waft the Bees away, the white coloured eggs at the bottom of the honey comb were the wrong kind of Bee and needed to be killed off.

I probably asked a hundred dumb questions about Bees, but both Jordan and Laura were very patient with me and answered all my queries. I fancy having one bee hive myself, and apparently just one Bee hive can produce up to 30 jars of honey per year, which is plenty for the average family or just enough for my toast in the morning.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on June 24, 2011.

32 Responses to “BEE KEEPING”

  1. Some very nice photos Dave, Bulgarias looking very sunny

  2. really nice post mate….Always thought of you as a war correspondent lol

    • Hi Andy,

      ….And I did it all without a bullet proof vest lol..



  3. Simply lovely, the garden, the bees, nature!!

    • Hi Donna,

      It is, its very much like Devon,Norfolk and Suffolk here.



  4. I just love the simple country life you enjoy out there, if i could only prize the mrs. away from sainsburys id there like a shot.

    • Hi Owen,

      Houses are very cheap here, makes divorce a viable option lol..



  5. great pics and the image of a 3 legged gazelle running with a hernia shall live in my mind forever 🙂

  6. Beloved has forgotten to add..he wants to put HIS bee hive in with MY vegetable garden!!!!!

  7. Good one,nice pics, what kind of bees are they……And DONT say the buzzing kind.

    • Hi James,

      Damn, you took my line lol….Think it was the black and yellow bee!!



  8. Are you going to start a hive as well as the chickens, veggies and renovations?

    • Hi James,

      I think so, a box wont cost much here and they are not labour intensive like the bloody endless renovations, they sleep all winter and you only have to take the lid off to inspect them once every 2 weeks. Must be easy enough to catch a few in the garden with a net or a bag or something, to start the hive off. I’ve got lots of empty jars in the dungeon for the honey, dont know where to buy a bee hat at the moment though, could always put a bucket on my head as a temporary measure.



  9. Chickens and veggies are my department James, Daves job is to walk about with a bucket on his head aaaaaaahahahahahaha

    • …You may mock now!!!!!……just wait till I have 30 jars a year, shall make my own label “Chateau de Maslaravo” Send one to the Queen, then its “By Royal Appointment,” 200 quid a jar, all the super models will by it to rub on their faces at night, you wait and see!!

  10. Fishing net on a pole, if there are any tackle shops near you.

    • Hi Owen,

      Good idea, and there are hunting and fishing shops in town.



  11. Dave….not a bucket mate, look at the lady in the pics, she has a kinda fishing net on her head, saves ruining a bucket.

    • Brilliant!!…..And so simple, guys we’ll have this bee keeping thing sorted in a week.

  12. so you fill a jar full of bees, then pour them in the box, and how long do you have to wait for the honey to come out?

    • I asked the very same question, next stage is queens, then they build honey combs, then they make honey from pollen in the garden.

  13. Queens – Gay bees lol…..

    • LOL…..could paint the box pink with perhaps some nice chiffon curtains around the door and a CD player of Broadway musicals!!

  14. How on earth did we get to Chiffon curtains and musicals lol

    • Hi Graham,

      LOL…Perhaps I should just clear up the misunderstanding for everyone, we mean;

      Queens as in – Crown, and yes your majesty.

      NOT Queens as in – Gay men riding Harley’s.

  15. Super Models putting honey on their face 😀 … I RECON THEY WOULD RATHER PUT MY CUCUMBER ON THEİR EYES…I hope you find out more about bees than you do about super models..chiffon curtains sounds good though 🙂 buzz buzz…that’s a bee noise beloved so you know what to hear for!

  16. I took a look at that bee film, interesting, never knew there was a World shortage of bees!!

    • Yeah, its quite amazing once you start to learn about them…



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