After spending the last 6 months renovating his house here in the village,  our neighbour Vic is flying back to the States for a rest, we thought we were taking him to Sofia airport, I even had Sofia airport ready on my sat nav.

Half way to Sofia we discover his flight isn’t untill tomorrow and we are actually off to one of his other houses on the outskirts of Sofia, where we are to leave his luggage and then meet one of his old school friends for lunch.  The drive to Sofia now took on a more leisurely pace and both Linda and I looked forward to a day out in Sofia.

Sofia University.

It takes less than 3 hours to drive from the village to Sofia, we passed through the city centre towards Vic’s house with Vic explaining to us what all the magnificent buildings were.

St. Alexander Cathedral above, next time we’re in Sofia we hope to look inside, Vic’s friend is a Director of some Government department and it was a very pleasant surprise to have lunch on their staff roof top restaurant.

The restaurant has a nice view over Parliament square.

After lunch Victor took us on a quick tour of the city centre before we had to drive back to the village, the life of a chicken farmer is not as sexy and glamorous as most people think, we always have to be home before dark to put the chickens away to bed!!

The National Theatre.

Whilst we were walking around Vic was explaining the History of the city and just as he was explaining the British bombing of Sofia during WW2 we happened to pass this statue of people listening and looking up, statues commemorating an air raid perhaps…

Walking further along, more statues.

Surrounded by Government buildings is a 4th Century Roman church called ST. Georges.

The inside of the old church is well-preserved.

Back to the car park opposite the museum, Vic met up with some of his family and we headed back to our 15 chickens!!


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on June 20, 2011.

14 Responses to “SOFIA”

  1. looks like a nice city, surprised the boss let you have a day off from renovating lol

    • Hi Stan,

      The Oberfuhrer has even let me have another day off today to answer e-mails, think shes mellowing 🙂 Nice city Sofia, probably have another day out there at some point.



  2. Just the ONE day Stan wont be happening again 😉

  3. Not even Christmas day off 😦

  4. good to see you out and about with your unreliable camera again.

    • Hi Owen,

      Yep, the camera only missed about 8 shots on the day, she’s performing very well.



  5. Great photos.

    • Hi MD,

      No water for a month in Turkey I hear, you’ll just have to come back here when you want a cup of tea 🙂



  6. Some nice architecture there

    • Hi James,

      Yes some really pretty buildings and a great deal of History.



  7. Statues commemorating bombings is quite normal, think we put one up to “Bomber Harris” though I do remember quite a hoo ha at the time, a hero in the 1940’s and 50’s but “Shhh, dont mention the war” now. How times change!!

    • Hi Graham,

      Your right Sir, I had a look on Wikipedia and indeed a statue did go up in the 1990’s with much controversy , then I found an old film about his life on STAGEVU and watched that!!



  8. have you got the link for the film?

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