I stopped smoking (Again!!) a couple of weeks ago, and to encourage me the Oberfurher has decided that I can keep the money that I normally spent on ciggies, and spend it how I please, completely free of interference!!

Lets just savor that for a moment, a married man being able to spend his own money however he likes….That doesn’t happen often!! Because I was a professional smoker this pot of money will mount up rapidly and although the house renovation will probably crawl along for another year or two yet, my time away from bikes will now be considerably less.

So, I’ve been looking on the internet at what takes my fancy here in Bulgaria, whatever bike I decide up on will have to be Japanese because of their reliability. ……However I also fancy a 4 wheel drive vehicle to play about with in winter, but anything made by Land Rover is wholly unreliable, but I love Range Rovers, whats a chap to do!!

Adventure bikes are popular here in Bulgaria, the above advert is for a classic Honda Transalp, there are many to choose from, and lurking in the background is an early Honda Africa Twin, the Transalp is 1900 Lev (800 GBP) and the Africa Twin is about 1,000 GBP. For some reason I fancy a classic bike to tinker about with this time, either Transalp or Africa Twin, with petrol being cheap in Bulgaria I might even go for a Varadero if my knackered left knee doesn’t get any worse.

The 4wd scene also appeals to me greatly, as unreliable and thirsty as they are, I love Range Rovers, we used to have one of these years ago when I lived and worked in the Middle East, slightly more expensive than a bike, I’ll just have to quit the fags forever and save up for both!!

~ by travelswithmymotorbike on May 23, 2011.

25 Responses to “WHEELS ON THE HORIZON”

  1. About time, you need your 2 wheels back again.

    • Hi Stan,

      Yes, a life without two wheels is a life without enjoyment!!



  2. congrats on the no smoking also!!

  3. Both sounds good to me!!

    • Hi James,

      Yeah got to agree with you, both sounds good to me also 🙂



  4. the 2.5 BMW engined RR is supposed to be the best of the bunch, good luck!!

    • Hi Graham,

      Yes, I’ve read the LR forums at great length, forums full of despair lol….The best of breed, or the model with the fewest problems is the 2.5 BMW diesel nailed to an auto box, and if your really lucky a previous owner has replaced the air suspension with the old coil springs.



  5. They should have left the engines alone at 3.5 petrol, the 4 and 4.6 litre were just dire. The RR used to be a brilliant motor but now suffers with too much technology!!

    • Exactly…If it aint broke, dont fix it……Used to play with RR back in the 80’s when I worked in the Middle East, they had their little foibles but were basically good back then!!

  6. And the suspension should have been left alone, Air suspension,another disaster for Land Rover…

  7. Uncle Dave:

    this is indeed good news. If you stopped drinking, you could probably have both

    Riding the Wet Coast

    • Hi Uncle Bob,

      Indeed, and if I stopped eating as well then perhaps a Benz or a Rolls by the end of the month lol..



  8. What about a disco, they are a little better but prone to rust, maybe rust isnt such a problem in Bulgaria?

    • Hi Gary,

      No, rust is not a problem here like it is in the UK, Discovery’s are cheap and plentiful here, its a good back-up choice..



  9. Disco is just a poor mans Range Rover, if your going to buy a problem then embrace and love the problem lol!!

  10. Whats the petrol prices like out there at the moment??

    • Petrol is still cheap here in Bulgaria…..about 1.06 GBP per litre, this still seems very cheap to me after being in Turkey for several years, Victor just drove back from Turkey last week and he said its about 1.74 GBP per litre there. If I still lived in Turkey I would be walking everywhere by now lol..



  11. Ever thought of a Jeep instead, more reliable than LR

    • Hi James,

      Yep a Jeep could be on the list but really want a Range Rover 🙂



  12. A Land Rover is for life, because nobody will buy it off you 🙂

    • Hi Robo,

      LOL…….However you did not count on the magic that is Bulgaria!!……Ian and I were chatting at great length yesterday (he wants a RR too) about all the problems you can have with the various Land Rovers, now in UK its a problem because of the expenses of parts,dealers and labour……..Not here in Bulgaria, parts much cheaper than UK and there is a Land Rover service place near us, checked out the service prices, all very very cheap, I wont write the prices on here incase any Land Rover owner from the UK accidently reads it, grown men crying is never nice to see!!

      So because of very cheap parts and servicing here, a Range Rover very much back on the menu…….



  13. So cheap petrol.
    Cheap diesel.
    Cheap parts.
    Cheap servicing.

    (Sob) there must be something (Sigh) expensive out there…Beer??

    • Hi Graham,

      Beer is really, really cheap in Bulgaria I’m sorry to say mate,

      A Gallon (4.5 litres) of nice wine is around 2 Pounds, there is cheaper!!
      A beer in a bar is around 0.45 Pence.
      Most people make their own wine and spirits here so in effect drink for free….



  14. hahahaha Uncle Bob…Dave and I DONT drink we are both teetotal we also have matching halos 🙂

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