Last month whilst shopping in PRAKTIKA (Bulgarian DIY chain) I was given a 10% discount voucher that could only be used in May, So yesterday I redeemed the voucher on a chainsaw. The ritual cutting up of the winter firewood is a very long and laborious job with a hand saw, an axe, and even a circular saw, but no more!! The chainsaw makes quick and easy work of  all the tree trunks etc.

I chose to go with an electric chainsaw instead of the petrol one because life is way too short to be pulling on bits of string for an hour each time you want to  start the damn thing, and the noise petrol chainsaw’s make is almost as intolerable as modern-day teenagers pop music.

After some experimentation, two old chairs made the perfect trestle for cutting up logs.

This is just so effortless compared to how we cut logs last year, my extension cables can reach over half an Acre easily, so there will be no problem pruning back my 65 trees this winter.

The chainsaw was not the cheapest one around, but it was the cheapest German made one I could find, 135 Lev (60 GBP) after discount.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on May 12, 2011.

16 Responses to “NEW TOY!!”

  1. Looks good Dave. I will have to try it when I see you next. 🙂

    • Hi PJ,

      Sure, not many fat logs left now though…..Its a little scary at first but you soon get used to it after a few minutes lol…



  2. Proper big boys toys 🙂

  3. Glad to see you have safety boots on instead of your usual Pradas lol

    • Hi James,

      LOL….They are actually the cut-off bottom from a pair of welly boots, so safety flip,flops I suppose 🙂



  4. Looks good fun playing with chainsaws!!

    • Hi Andy,

      Makes your hands and arms tired after a few hours though, better than a work-out in a gym lol…



  5. Never used a chain saw myself, can you imagine all the safety gear they would make you wear before you could use one over here, youd look like the michalin man lol.

    • Hi Owen,

      The health and safety madness has not reached Bulgaria yet, we here are still free to hurt ourselves as often as we like 🙂



  6. I suppose its a step nearer to another bike, its kinda mechanical!!

    • Hi Gary,

      It does make a sound a little like an old scooter and weighs about the same lol..



  7. Any thoughts on getting a scooter then since you mentioned one?

    • Hi Gary,

      No, Scooter would be of little use to me here, the potholes here would soon swallow up those little scooter wheels……However there is now some movement on the next bike!!



  8. I remain suspicious of a brand called “EinHell”. Could turn nasty!

    • Hi Nikos,

      You were languishing in my Spam catcher for some reason, are you on a different PC at work lol…….It does kinda sound like German for ”My Hell” or ”One Hell.”

      You must get yourself one Nikos, its a proper boys toy, I use mine for all cutting now, even planed 1/4 inch wood lol..



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