Demolition Man

There’s renovation and then there’s renovation, john from Liverpool in the UK is the latest Brit to move in to the village, buying this large house on almost half an acre for only 4,500 Pounds. (7,000 USD)

The house does need a little work though!!

Ron and Maura also came along to give John a hand smashing the place up, he’s knocking through walls to make doorways and taking all the plaster of the walls back to bare brick.

To speed things along Nasco our neighbour has been hired to help John for 15 Lev a day (6 GBP) Also because Nasco is about 94 years old he makes John and Ron feel young 🙂

A kind of Inglenook fireplace was discovered in the property today when some wood paneling was removed, that was a nice surprise that adds character.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on April 25, 2011.

12 Responses to “Demolition Man”

  1. Good luck to your new friend moving into your village, its good that hired help is cheap.

    • Hi Stan,

      Yep its difficult to mix cement or concrete here now its getting hotter, better to pay someone to do the hard sweaty jobs lol…



  2. Hi Dave!

    I see your account of your trip through Romania got a comment, well, a few comments, on a Romanian blog

    • Hi Md,

      Yes, apparently its not even safe to travel by bus or train at night there according to the Romainian blogger!!



  3. Only 6 quid a day, why not have 10 builders every day to speed things along.

    • Hi James,

      Johns retired and very much wants something to do inorder to keep himself fit and active!!



  4. Your friend does right, being active is the secret to a long retirement, no good to be sat indoors staring at the TV or PC like most do.

    • Hi Stan,

      Its true mate, humans are designed for activity otherwise you pile on the fat!!

  5. Looks like a lot of work!!

  6. I dont know how a retired person can afford to live in UK anymore, best get ready for a gray invasion over there!!

    • Hi Owen,

      Most Brits living here are older, guess the invasion is all ready underway…



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