Linda wants her own field, fenced off from all the animals to grow her own veggies. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before how weird the weather is here, 5 days ago we had snow, today its 24c and everyone in the village is busy with their gardens.

The concrete fence posts I had already, there are dozens and dozens of these lying around the farm.

The large green metal gate was also found on the farm so I only had to buy 2 rolls of wire fencing. It took us 3 days to dig out all the post holes, concrete them in and then string the wire fence up……There is a definite knack to stringing up wire fencing and I havent got it, my hand is cut, blistered and punctured….Never again!!

We did try to dig and turnover the field ourselves but it was to bloody difficult, this field hasn’t been dug over for decades and was just too difficult for us, so Rooney found us a couple of gypsy workers to plough up the field and remove the grass.


It looked hard going for the poor horse.

After ploughing another attachment is used to rake up all the grass sods and break up the soil.

It cost me 15 quid for the two workers to turn over the field, after they finished we had to pick up the bits of grass and rake the soil evenly.

The finishing touch was our home-made scarecrow dressed in Dolce & Gabbana, Maslarevo is quite a posh village after all 🙂







~ by travelswithmymotorbike on March 16, 2011.

8 Responses to “FIELD OF DREAMS”

  1. even the outside is really starting to take shape now, well done!1

  2. Uncle Dave:

    well done indead. I like the scarecrow photo, the last one, the scarecrow in the background wearing shorts . . .

    Riding the Wet Coast

    • Hi Uncle Bob,

      The scarecrow in shorts does not look so much like a scarecrow now shes given up the fags nearly 4 months ago and gained several stone lol



  3. Yes, will the real Linda please step forward lol

    • Hi Graham,

      The real Linda doesnt have any D & G clothes left lol..



  4. Thats a big veg plot, reminds me of my grandads allotment, are veggies expensive over there.

    • Hi Owen,

      Yeah kinda reminds me too of my grandads allotment back in the day lol…..No food is cheap here, its more of a something to do enterprise to keep active and fit!!



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