Ron and Maura were coming for lunch today, we found out only late last night that it was Ron’s birthday, now Ron is a singer and he used to sing with a band called ”The Drifters,” back in the 1950’s (Yes, he’s very old 🙂 ) Linda wanted to have a surprise Birthday party for him!!

”Are you sure?” I said, ”These show business people are always driving cars into swimming pools at parties or throwing TV sets from hotel windows.”

”Hmmm…..Yes.”  She said thoughtfully,  ”We’ll probably need some balloons then.”

So with that we were up early and drove to Trambesh looking for party balloons, Linda wanted everything to be very ”Rock and Roll” so that Ron would feel at home.

Not only did we find balloons, but we also found party cups, plates and masks, when this post goes on the internet I feel sure ”Guns N’ Roses” will be telephoning Linda to cater for their next party!!

After dinner the Birthday boy got to blow out a candle, we obviously couldn’t put a candle on the cake for every year of  Ron’s Life as is tradition, we have a wooden ceiling, and couldn’t take the risk of fire from that much heat!!

Even the cats got to wear party hats!!

~ by travelswithmymotorbike on January 15, 2011.

12 Responses to “STILL DRIFTING ALONG…”

  1. Very good lol, so which one is Ron in the video?

    • Hi Stan,

      I dont know, I just picked the first video I found on Youtube……..But my guess would be the person on the far left…



  2. Has the phone rang yet lol…

  3. I hear Jimi Hendrix always had balloons at his parties!!…Happy Birthday Ron!!

    • Hi Robo,

      Just had to Google who Hendrix was, I dont know much about music but I’m sure your correct….



  4. I see the cake but did you have the jelly ice cream

    • Hi Owen,

      Alas we just didnt have the time for jelly and ice cream, perhaps next year lol..



  5. Does Ron still sing

  6. Youve not posted for a good while….still busy??

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