The room was a blank canvas other than a single light bulb and one power socket, after collecting all the wood and assembling the flat-pack units, the first job was to put in the services, (Water & Electric) the electric cables were run along the bottom of the wall behind future skirting boards.

There is an excellent dust making machine available in the shops that has a secondary use of slicing through walls.

We had to take it in turns to use the angle grinder because of the enveloping clouds of thick choking dust.

The water pipes and electric cables, the whole for the pipes is so large because we had to drill and chisel our way through almost 3 feet of wall, we had to keep opening up the diameter to get our hands and tools further in!!

The units were then placed in position.

The back wall is made of stone, hard stone that chews up or melts my drill bits, for this reason I got a plumber to drill through the wall for the waste pipe to connect to the main drain outside.

Now we have a kitchen sink and tap, no more having to wash up in the temporary bathroom sink.

The chimney base needed just a touch of filler 🙂

The original beams in the kitchen ceiling are just not pretty enough for what we want, hence these new beams will take their place.

Holes were cut in the walls, the holes were much longer one side than the other so that the beam could be lifted up, slid in to the longer hole then slid back across into the opposite hole where it was then cemented in position.

We wanted black wrought Iron for the kitchen cupboard handles but couldnt find any, so we bought ordinary metal handles and sprayed them black to look like wrought Iron.

Tiles next, these came from Praktika at 37 Lev   (16 GBP) m2.

We have now reached  the point where I changed my mind on the kitchen lighting so new cable had to be layed in the walls 🙂

Wall units next, because nothing is flat, square, or level  in these old houses a spirit level is of little use other than for stiring large pots of paint.

Finaly the kitchen ceiling went up.

The spot lights were bought from Praktike, just 40 Lev. (17 GBP)

Next, Linda got on with sanding and painting the ceiling whilst I started making the arch way.

I was a little dusty!!

The cats helped me with the skirting board.

The window frames will have to wait a couple of months till the warmer weather returns and I’ve ran out of skirting board, other than that the kitchen is about done!!




~ by travelswithmymotorbike on January 10, 2011.

15 Responses to “THE KITCHEN”

  1. Well done to both of you, all the hard work was worth it, looks good!!

    • Hi Stan,

      Thanks for that, just got a few minor bits and bobs to finish off in there….



  2. Dave & Linda:

    that is just beautiful. From nothing to modern in virtually no time at all. Good job, now go for a ride

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • Hi Uncle Bob,

      Dont know about ”The no time at all,” felt like it was taking forever lol…..Cant go for a ride, the farm hand took the horse with him when he left!!



  3. Very good result you two, its nice to see when a couple can work together on a project.

  4. Really excellent job, when you have the time perhaps you can clean the camera lens lol..

    • Hi Graham,

      Those were the photos with the lens cleaned, the sanding dust isjust so fine, bloody gets everywhere lol…



  5. Good job!! I like the night photo of the kitchen

    • Hi Owen,

      Thanks for that, actually most of my DIY looks better in the dark 🙂



  6. An amazing difference. Looks quite homey in the last photo.

    • Hi Irondad,

      Welcome aboard, its getting homely slowly, cant really furnish the place yet because I still have lots more knocking about and mess to make yet!!



  7. Great job!! Was it expensive to buy everything out there?

    • Hi Gary,

      Thanks, actually thank for reminding me about costs, I’ll write it all at the bottom of the post…



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