New year is really celebrated here in Bulgaria, this is our first one here so we had no idea what to expect. Around midnight the whole village erupted in fireworks, not from an organized display but from everyone’s houses and gardens, it was truly like the Blitzkrieg over London in 1940.

We stood out in the garden at midnight watching the display when I noticed some of the fireworks were being shot up through peoples chimneys, I must learn how to do that for next year, it’s really amazing to see!!

Today we were invited to Ron and Maura’s for New Years day dinner, it’s about a 25 minute drive to their village from our house but because I’m still inexperienced at winter driving, so it was more like a 40 minute crawl.

Linda is stopping smoking today so I’m not allowed to smoke in the car anymore, it was therefore a Hellish 40 minutes without a fag for me!!

Ron and Maura’s house, they are busy renovating the same as us.

They have a bathroom but not a kitchen, we have a kitchen but not a bathroom, by the end of the year  our houses might have both a  kitchen and a bathroom!!

Lovely traditional Turkey lunch with homemade stuffing, Linda’s going to get the recipe for the stuffing.

Before we left Maura gave me proper metal roof rack for my car so  that I   dont loose anymore sheets of plasterboard on the road!!



~ by travelswithmymotorbike on January 1, 2011.


  1. So whats to become of the wooden roof rack then, firewood perhaps lol

    • Hi Stan,

      I thought I might donate my home made wooden roof rack to a car museum, I’m sure they will be queuing up to get their hands on it lol…..



  2. Good that the local Polizei won’t be hounding you for dumping plaster boards all over the roads in the Polski Trambesh area. 🙂

    • Hi Paul,

      Welcome aboard, yes we frantically picked up the pieces off the road before they came along, bit of a hairy moment 🙂



  3. Love the firework pictures!! Can not wait to see the new roof rack & meet Ron & Maura!! What village do they live in?

    • Hi B.A,

      Didnt get to fit the new roof rack today had frozen pipes to deal with and then paint the kitchen ceiling.



  4. Fireworks from chimneys, never seen that before!!

  5. You know you probably have the best bathroom in the village. It’s definitely better than your immediate neighbours’. And the toilet house bathroom. It’s the best until I get mine done! 🙂

    I ran your blog through Typealyzer”. You get the same MB profile as me. That can’t be right!

    • Hi MD,

      With all this talk of bathrooms sounds like you might be back before August 🙂 Dont stay too long on the sunbed, you know its bad for you lol



  6. My html is a bit rusty, but it looks like the link works. There’s a random ” in there.

  7. Until you get yours done John!!! 🙂 the speed your going that will take 10 years….

  8. Hi David,
    Theo has two son as you know. Now they are big boys and doing everything and Theo is sitting all day :)) But I have no idea about his hairs 🙂
    And also good to hear from you, next summer maybe we’ll make surprise you by visiting there :))
    and happy new year……


    • Hi Baris,

      Good to hear from you, Theo is sitting all day – He’s not working hard like us!!!

      If you make a trip here, petrol is 2.2 Lira per litre and you can buy a nice Africa Twin here for 2500 Lira, I am looking for another bike for 2012 when I finish all the building work 🙂

      Keep in touch buddy,



  9. bulgaria i will be there for looking a pleasure. nice post

    • Hi Carlos,

      Welcome aboard, please feel free to comment any time, might see you on the road later in the year!!



  10. Hi Dave and Linda
    Wishing you both a very happy New Year…May 2011 be a good for you both. Make it your year. These are some beautiful pictures and I hope your renovations continue to go well.

    • Hi Berge,

      All the very best to you and your family for 2011 also, most days here bring a new experience!!



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