Well, actually two Christmases, we didn’t know Christmas was on the 24th of December in Bulgaria, we assumed it was the 25th, until  Rooney asked if we were coming over to his house Christmas night on Friday.

”You mean Saturday night.” I said.

”No, Friday.” Said Rooney.

”No, Saturday.”

”No, Friday tomorrow.”

”No, tomorrow is the 24th, you mean Saturday the 25th.”

”No, Christmas is the 24th in Bulgaria.” Said Rooney.

”Are you sure”. I asked.

”My wife is Bulgarian, I’ve been living here 6 years, visiting for 12, I am sure.” He said emphatically.

So Googled it, and sure enough Christmas is the 24th of December in Bulgaria, so that meant Linda had to find us both some clean clothes a day ahead of schedule, no easy task when you live in a building site and almost all your clothes slowly become building workers clothes.

We had a great night at Rooney’s house, I found out I liked Bulgarian food, John found out he liked home-made red wine by the gallon, but unfortunately the SD card in the camera chose that night to die, giving up finally after 6 years of dust and general abuse.

The next day, Christmas day 2, was our turn to host, we had Ron, Maura and John coming for dinner, Linda began clearing a space in the rubble early!!

No snow man building today, the weather suddenly turned hot again the day before, 20c during the afternoon and 15c at night, several inches of snow just evaporated over night.

Linda did a marvelous job of cooking as always.

John, very quiet and desperately trying to stay awake, occasionally uttering ”I dont have a hangover.”

Linda even baked a Christmas cake.

During lunch I convened a meeting of the ”Character committee” to help me decide about the hole in the wall, should I make it wobbly and uneven like every thing in the house or straight, flat and square. Nothing is flat, level or square in the old house and its driving me potty!! The committee decided that the more wobbly and amateurish everything is the more ”Character” the house will have, so I will now make the arch free hand just as a drunk farmer would have done 100 years ago!!

After lunch the laptop came out and SKYPE came on, Faye and PJ were on, they were stuck in a hotel in Bavaria because their car had a puncture whilst driving from UK to Bulgaria, everywhere was closed in Germany for Christmas and they could not fix the flat tyre. Faye used to own a pet shop and knows everything about everything when it comes to animals, Linda wanted to know whether the kittens were boys or girls so Maura and Linda tried holding the cats bums to the web cam for Faye to see!!

The verdict was: They both have bums, but one of the girls might now be a boy!!




~ by travelswithmymotorbike on December 27, 2010.


  1. I also thought December 24th is Christmas Eve and Christmas is on the 25th.
    Very nice tyable and food..I can also see the renovations are coming along fine. You’ll have it finished before you know it.
    Happy New Year to you and Linda.

    • Hi Berge,

      Christmas is on the 24th here, and again on the 6th January I just learned today, hope Linda doesnt find out or she’ll want extra presents lol..

      Renovations are a slow daily grind lol.



  2. Dave:

    Merry Christmas. We also had our Christmas dinner on Dec 24th, and leftovers on the 25th. Linda’s Christmas cake hasn’t arrived yet. I think I’ll to the post office again tomorrow and just wait for the mail again.

    We also had leftovers on the 26th, and enough Turkey for leftovers again tonight, and then the Turkey sandwiches for tomorrow too.

    Don’t worry about the arch. even if you try to do it right, it will turn out looking like free hand

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • Hi Uncle Bob,

      We had chicken instead of a Turkey incase nobody turned up because of the snow, we would have been eating Turkey sandwiches for a month!!…..Arch is coming along fine, well one side looks good the other side needs ”tweaking” a little lol…I’ve made it all out of plaster and plasterboard so it shouldnt crack like the metal or wood formers always do…Fingers crossed!!



  3. it’s wonderfull

  4. 2 christmases, does that mean twice the prezzies lol


    Uncle Bob…I spent hours, days,months!!! making that Christmas cake for you, and NOW you tell me you have LOST it!!! it was a masterpiece with Santa, bells and written on top was HAPPY XMAS UNCLE BOB…

    Beloved has omitted that I have been slaving away sanding the ceiling, I have sand paper hands!!

    Happy New Year to all our dear Friends xxxx

  6. LOL like the expression on the cats face

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