THE McCLANE SAGA, Episode 6 – Power Tools

Butcher McClane  bought a power saw two weeks ago for cutting up fire wood, John does not have much DIY experience so I guide him through most of his tool purchases and offer friendly advice like:

”Wood saws are for cutting wood, not bricks, concrete or metal.”

The blades in circular saws normally last years, so when John said his blade was now blunt and couldn’t even rub its way through soft cheese after only a few hours use, I asked:

”Have you been cutting nails or bricks?”

”Well just the odd nail perhaps.”  Came the sheepish reply.

”Are you sure it was just the odd 6 inch Communist nail John.” (Everything is made of 6 inch nails in Bulgaria) I asked,

”Well…..It cut through the first nails easily, so I just carried on until it wouldn’t cut any more.”

So today we are off to Ruse to buy a new blade for the saw,  I’m Navigator which is a position I’m not very good with, but first we stop at the Mayor’s office, this is my own  long running saga. For 4 months now I’ve been trying to pay my water and electric bills, a problem compounded because they don’t post or give bills to you  here because there are no addresses in Bulgaria. So after over a dozen attempts to pay bills I finally succeeded today and paid my electric bill, 96 Lev (40GBP) for 4 months electricity??  Still no sign of any water bill though. I introduced John to the Mayor and then gave him a tour of the Mayors office, showing him where you cant pay your bills, then it was straight off to Ruse.

We didn’t get very far before being stopped by the Police for having no headlights  (It is compulsory in Bulgaria to drive with your lights on between November and March) then there was a problem with the  cars paperwork and to make things worse they then breathalized John, Linda and I assumed at that moment we would be walking back home in the freezing snow but to johns amazement and ours, he passed!!

The police let him off on the headlights but told us drive to the nearest petrol station and buy a Vinette for the car, we all thought the car had one already, but we bought another one anyway. Talking in the car after wards we all concluded that the drink and drive limit in Bulgaria must be about 3 bottles of 90 proof Vodka a day.

They also give you (free of charge) your breathalyzer, perhaps to hang on your rear view mirror as a souvenir.

The windscreen became impossible to see through on the wintery roads, I believe wiper blades are still on Johns shopping list.

We pulled over for John to clean his windscreen by hand.

Once in Ruse our first port of call was Mr.Bricolage (Bulgarian DIY chain) for a new saw blade, this is where the saw was bought two weeks ago.

The empty space in the rack is Johns saw blade size!!

Every kind of blade/disc imaginable is in stock, except Johns!!

We then drive the 50 meters next door to Kaufland where we all buy another one months supply of food, now totalling 3 months supply of food in our homes, we Southerners (London) are really frightened of snow!!

Next we drove the 30 meters to next door Praktiker (Bulgarian DIY chain) to see if they had a saw blade that fitted Johns saw, they said:

”Sorry out of stock, try Mr.Bricolage next door.”

We concluded that with the wave of Brits moving here recently, they must all be abusing their power saws and buying up all the available blades.

Whilst in Praktiker I bought a 3 ton tow rope with hook and shackle 8 Lev ( 3.50 GBP) and jump leads 13 Lev (5.50 GBP) We headed for home, windows open to relieve ourselves from the blast furnace like heat being blown out of the dashboard by the heater that wont turn off.

John realised he forgot to buy wiper blades at Praktiker when we had to stop to clear the windscreen two more times.







~ by travelswithmymotorbike on December 22, 2010.

17 Responses to “THE McCLANE SAGA, Episode 6 – Power Tools”

  1. LOL Please, please videos…

    • Hi Stan,

      Got no spare time mate to make a large battery pack or even to keep the blog up to date…



  2. Hmm…longing for the warm beech in Itzuzu, I presume.

    • Hi Rene,

      Welcome back……On the cold days I most definitely miss the beach…..but not the other 300 days 🙂



  3. Uncle Dave:

    It would appear that Benny Hill has moved to Bulgaria. Thank goodness for MD, lots of blogging material for you. Keeps life interesting for us

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • Hi Uncle Bob,

      He takes it all in his stride, hes providing too much blog material I’m getting behind on the house now!!



  4. You know you have to admire MD, he has NO knowledge at all on DIY but he still purchased a house here in Bulgaria, I dont think he realized all the work that needed to be done, he has decided that he is NOT returning to Turkey.

    • Turkey for xmas and is staying here to work on his house, hats off to the man, for those of us who take it for granted we can paint,plaster,and renovate it is funny watching somebody else make mistake after mistake, on the flip side maybe MD should of learnt
      a little about renovating BEFORE buying lol…..I am thinking Episode 6 is just the Beginning :

    • ….Girls!!

  5. Poor John, perhaps his luck will change soon, mind you he was lucky being let off by the police, one never knows about Eastern european police!!

    • Hi James,

      Yes its a bit of an unknown still how the police treat foreigners here, so far so good!!



  6. 40 quid for four months electric!!!! Thats cheap, are you sure??

    Love the McClane Saga’s

    • Hi Graham,

      No, I’m not sure, cant read a damn thing on the print out, not even sure if its my bill but I’ve paid something and showed willing lol.



  7. Really?? You have all got 3 months food in the house, just what are you southerners made off lol

    • Hi Owen,

      Yes we have , and 1 months supply of fags too 🙂

      My old mum always said, Southerners were made of sugar and spice and all things nice!!



  8. been looking at your blog for ages, never commented before but just want to say how much I enjoy your stories.

    Keep up the funny work and best wishes to you and Linda this Christmas!!


    • Hi Gary,

      Welcome aboard, please feel free to comment on anything at any time, and best Christmas wishes to you also.



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