THE McCLANE SAGA, Episode 5 – Flat Pack Furniture

Late last night there was a knock on the door, it was a distraught John, clutching a tattered piece of paper, arms waving and uttering,

”Cant do it, cant do it, I’m going back to Turkey, this bloody wardrobe haunts me like Frankenstein’s Monster – It’s the last thing I see at night in the bedroom and the bloody first thing I see in the morning.”

We knew something of the wardrobe saga, it has been a running problem like a hospital bed sore for the past two weeks since it was bought from Praktika (Bulgarian DIY chain) in Ruse.

”Is it nearly finished,” I asked.

”Finished, bloody finished are these the plans for a wardrobe or an old Communist Nuclear Weapon, who knows – Screws are missing, hinges are missing, there’s an extra shelf and no brackets for the hanger rail, bloody Praktika, bloody wardrobe.”

We offered to come around to his house in the morning with my tin of bits, nuts,  bolts,  washers, screws of all sizes etc. and see what we could do since there was so many missing pieces. We made John a coffee and calm was restored!!

The morning started off with no water in the kitchen but we had water in the temporary bathroom, running my hand along the temporary pipes I felt a cold breeze. I had overlooked a 5mm hole that ran to the outside of the house, this tiny unsealed hole was enough to freeze the 2 water pipes last night.

I plugged in a fan heater by the pipes and within minutes water was flowing in the kitchen again, the hole by the temporary pipes was bunged up with toilet tissue!!

At 10.30AM when I started to get the car ready for the short drive over to Johns house the temperature was -12c, the sun has been up for about 4 hours now,  so last nights temperature must have been approaching -20c!!

The old girl started first time, even with the very cold engine oil slowing down the starter motor.

The snow was only 6 inches deep at our end of the village but a little deeper near Johns house.

On the first attempt I couldnt get the car up the hill to johns house, so I just left it near a junction, but later on a second attempt the old girl managed to spin and claw her way up.

Below: The offending wardrobe.

The result of 14 evenings work lay waiting for us!!

It turns out there were No missing hinges, No extra shelf,  No missing screws, No missing brackets – once everything was in the right place,  so Praktikas reputation for flat pack furniture remains intact!!

Linda put the wardrobe together mostly by herself, John and I were in his kitchen drinking tea and planning his electrics!!



~ by travelswithmymotorbike on December 18, 2010.

13 Responses to “THE McCLANE SAGA, Episode 5 – Flat Pack Furniture”

  1. Its nearly as cold there as it is here lol

    • Hi Stan,

      Sure is…..Saw a Brass Monkey sobbing on the way to Johns house 🙂



  2. Do you stop to take photos or do you take them while your driving along??

  3. I see your kitchens coming along

    • Yep, working inside now its become colder, I bought most of the materials a couple of months ago so that I would have inside winter jobs.



  4. Aaawww I feel so sorry for John, at least he tried for 14 days and didnt give up straight away like many would!!!

    love the blog Dave even though its not about bikes at the moment lol.

    • Hi Donna,

      Yep at least he tried…I’m surprised hes still here and hasnt fled back to Turkey, never to be seen again 🙂



  5. Uncle Dave:

    why have the posts stopped ! Is MD away ? I thought you had lots of material to keep going onward.

    Did you snag your finger witht the hammer. How about a few photos of Linda to keep us warm

    Wet Coast Scootin

    • Hi Uncle Bob,

      I’m 3 posts behind at the moment, we have Ron and Maura coming for Christmas dinner if its not snowing too much, Linda wants at least 4 walls and a ceiling in the kitchen by 25th, so I’ve been busy!!



  6. At least she doesnt want a floor lol

  7. Excellent

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