John and I are both Southerners (London) at heart and awaking to this mornings 6 inches of snow means at least a week off work back in England due to adverse weather conditions, Northerners (Yorkshireman and Scottish) would consider 6 inches of snow little more than a bit of ground frost and would still be walking around in T-shirts eating fried Mars bars.

Today we had to set off early for the mechanics shop in Trambesh, where hopefully the new parts for Johns Escort would be waiting to be fitted. Yesterday we were totally unprepared for the cold, today I had my pyjamas on under my clothes, suede Hushpuppies and thin woolen mittens that are too small for my hands but  still better than yesterdays nothing!!

John plans to drive to Turkey in a couple of days, so the new electric switch thingy was quite important should he find himself driving after dark and need his lights on, I accompanied him chiefly to take photos of  us trying  fit snow chains in a 10 foot high snow drift, we have watched a video on Youtube and it all looks quite easy, barely 15 seconds for a young woman in a mini skirt to fit them on a wheel!!

Like Scott and Shackleton we set off into the white unknown.

Johns winter tyres pulled us up the hill on to the main road where we were a little concerned to see it was covered in snow and all the trucks had tyre chains on.

After passing the only petrol station for miles around it was noticed the fuel gauge was on red.

People stopped at the side of the main road to put tyre chains on, we then debated whether we should take the short cut across country that we normally use or keep to the main road which adds about 20km to the journey. We chose to stay on the main road because more people were about here than on a lonely country road.

Hmm….quiet on this part of the road.

Once we turned on to the Ruse – Veliko Turnovo road there was more traffic about and after 10 -15 minutes the sign for Trambesh appeared!!

The Trambesh local Authority were busily clearing the roads in town, our first stop was the petrol station.

Petrol has gone up in price here in Bulgaria, it’s now 2.21 Lev (0.93 GBP) a litre. Happy with petrol in the car, John needed to pick up some more sacks of coal for his wood burner stove and because the  coal briquettes  we all bought last week are quite smoky, he wants to try real coal now.

Real coal costs 9.6 lev (4.35 GBP) per 30kg sack, where as pretend coal is 9.6 Lev per 40kg sack, me??…..I will put up with the smoke, its cheaper!!

We arrived at the mechanics only to be greeted with bad news, the mechanic spoke very little English and with my vocabulary of 6 Bulgarian words we managed to piece together the following sentence,

”Gore blimey mate, Stone the crows,  you bought a Ford, ya can’t get parts for em here for love na money, find a main dealer mate and see if they can get ya parts from abroad.”

We silently drove back into town for just a little shopping……..

….he wanted a fire pocker but we couldn’t find one anywhere…..

I bought John a chocolate cake to cheer him up and to show him the good things life has to offer, even if you do  own an Escort 🙂

Our drive back home was much easier, the gritters had been out, the road a lot clearer and John bravely decided to put the heater on in the car, it takes 3 days to turn it off and it only works at full blast with an accompanying noise similar to a 747 at take off, but we were warm for the first time today.

As the jet turbine heating system began to warm up the car it became very difficult to see where we were going, at first I thought perhaps my eyes were sweating in the heat but something odd was happening to the windscreen, it was melting!!

Might be a truck ahead??…Not sure!!

We’re going to add to the list of niggles, new wiper blades for the windscreen.

Johns not too sure about keeping the car, but I think its nice to own a vehicle with character.




~ by travelswithmymotorbike on December 17, 2010.

15 Responses to “THE McCLANE SAGA, Episode 4 – SCOTT & SHACKLETON”

  1. Uncle Dave:

    This is better than TV. You sure get a lot of snow there, and winter’s only just starting. If MD got an Astra it would have been boring, now it’s and adventure.

    Can’t wait to find out what happened when he turned the heater OFF. Or when he turns his lights ON . We’re hanging on pins and needles

    Wet Coast Scootin

    • Hi Uncle Bob,

      He’s great isnt he, MD has a brilliant sense of humour, Just as well really lol…..Theres a couple of more different McClane saga’s yet too mention but I dare not until MD mentions them first!!



  2. Agree with Bob this is so funny, your friend should have is own TV series lol

  3. Could you please post earlier, I have to leave work at 5 lol

    Good one keep em comming!!

    • Hi Robo,

      Thanks for that, more stories coming just had to ask permission first!!



  4. Could you please post earlier, I have to leave work at 5 lol

    Good one keep em coming!!

  5. Uncle Dave:

    you have a brilliant idea. Could you install the toilet CAM when MD isn’t looking. That way we will have 24 hr coverage. We will be able to see in real time

    thanks in advance. (If we can’t laugh with John, then who can we laugh at)

    Wet Coast Scootin

    • Hi Uncle Bob,

      Wardrobe cam would have been much more entertaining, all will be revealed in episode 5 lol



  6. Yes yes make a video lol, good story by the way!!

    • Hi Owen,

      Not sure if I brought my super homemade battery pack from Turkey, might have to start from scratch building another.



  7. This little story made me chuckle, your friend must keep the car lol

  8. Got to keep the car!!

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