To refresh people’s memories I’ll quickly recap the purchase of Johns car….The most common cars on the roads in Bulgaria are Lada’s and Opel Astra’s, John asked many people’s advice prior to buying a car, they all said ”Astra,” even the Police here use Astra’s and Lada’s!!

”I think I should play safe, follow everyone’s advice and buy an Astra,” he said. We took him to a car dealer in VT.  (Veliko Turnovo ) where there were 134 Astra’s, 1 Peugeot, and 1 Escort for sale, he bought the Escort!!

There were some problems with the Escort, wrong engine number on the paperwork, lights didn’t work properly, no interior lights, radio didn’t work, not all the doors open and you can’t turn the heating fan off,  John was supposed to go back to VT that week and have these problems sorted by the dealer, but didnt…..Now dear reader your almost up to date!!

The radio is now fixed and new winter tyres were bought last weekend, 95 Lev (40 GBP) each for an Escort and wide winter tyres for an Astra are only 69 Lev or 62 Lev (26 GBP) in January  with the sales promotion at Praktika 🙂

None of us have seen snow for many years, 20 years for me, so it was quite exciting to accompany John to the mechanics today in the snow.

The first mechanics we tried didn’t do Fords and sent us to another mechanics who knew something about ”Exotic” cars. Notice in the above photo some lights have decided to work!!

The second mechanics shop didn’t do Fords either so it was on to the third and last….The assistant mechanic there was wearing a large brightly coulered pink and purple Afro wig (He wouldn’t let me take his photo) but they did  do Fords 🙂

We all hoped the problem was just fuses or bulbs but it appeared to be a wiring problem and his car was brought in to the workshop.

After standing around outside in the snow for over an hour the mechanic took pity on us and let us warm up by his gas fire in the office.

Just a quick foot note here (Pardon the pun) whilst Prada moccasins are the best foot wear for riding motorbikes, gardening, wood chopping and house hold DIY, they absolutely suck in the snow, my toes were so cold and painful they felt like 6 inch nails had been hammered in to them!!

After a couple of hours the mechanic thought the light problem might be the stalk switch on the steering wheel and has ordered the part from VT.

We drove back in to Trambesh for some shopping but we thought a sharp snow flake had punctured one of Johns new Serbian made winter tyres, we called in at the tyre shop.

The tyre man came out straight away and started to take the wheel off.

Notice how cleverly they’ve painted the trolley jack bright orange, this is so you don’t lose it in the snow, tyre fixed, 10 Lev ( 4.25 GBP)

Driving back home through the countryside, none of the minor roads were gritted.

But once back on to the main roads, lots of gritt everywhere and the road clear.

Back home and some lights were working again!!

Now snow covered our garden is almost as neat and tidy as our neighbours!!

Having not seen snow for many years Linda just had to make a snowman 🙂






~ by travelswithmymotorbike on December 16, 2010.

8 Responses to “THE McCLANE SAGA, Episode 3”

  1. LOL…Good story, our winter weather has caught up with you at last!!!!

  2. Uncle Dave:

    It’s a good thing Mad Dog has YOU as his personal backup/emergency system. Why do you think he invited you along ?

    nice photos, are they taken with your old/revived Chinese Camera with Canon sticker ? It sure looks cold where you are. Thankfully I am HERE

    Wet Coast Scootin

    • Hi Uncle Bob,

      Well remembered, it is the old/revived Chinese Camera with Canon sticker, Linda killed my normal camera when she left it in a puddle of water……The photos are mainly the result of PICASA editing lol…………Damn cold here, had I looked I’m sure the thermometer would read – 98c today 😦



  3. Thanks for a nice read at work today LOL 🙂

    • Hi Graham,

      Your welcome….Mr.McClanes arrival in Bulgaria has been a great source of blog material!!!



  4. Poor John. not having much luck with his car. snow looks nice though lol

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