Winter is coming here in Bulgaria, supposedly today according to the weather forecasts, but it was a lovely 20c this afternoon and the job in hand at the moment is to stop my car sinking in my muddy field by making a small gravel road for parking on.

The ground is too wet for building at the moment so I’m just laying the gravel temporary for this winter and when Spring arrives I will build a car port like Bob’s in Canada, they have quite a bit of snow over there too and if Bob’s flat roof car port can withstand Canadian winters which are about 10 months long then a flat roof car port here should cope easily with our 90 day winters.

There’s not a great deal of choice locally for stone but Jim from the builders merchants in Trambesh suggested I try the Trambesh Concrete Factory to see if they would sell me some of their stone. They would sell me some for 4 Lev  (1.70 GBP) per 100Kg. We started off  putting 150Kg of stone in the back of the Astra to see what happened, nothing broke so I kept upping the Kilos!!

John came with us today to lend a hand and to carry some stone back in his Escort, we did wonder quite how much we should load the Escort since it can’t even power its own weight up a hill, I suggested 7Kg  🙂 but Linda thought we should load it a little more!!

After an eternity shoveling gravel in to sacks we drove to the weigh bridge, the cars were previously weighed empty so you just deduct the old weight from the new weight and that’s how many Kilos you’ve got in the back that you  have to pay for.

Astra 350 KG and the Escort 290 KG.

The Mighty Astra was still even-ish and could still pull in top gear up a hill but the poor Escort was very  heavy astern, this of course provided  for much humour amongst us all 🙂 ….I know John was laughing inside!!

So after 3 days of gathering stone the temporary car park was finished.



~ by travelswithmymotorbike on December 9, 2010.

8 Responses to “THE MIGHTY ASTRA”

  1. Uncle Dave:

    I wanted a flat roof for my carport since I didn’t want to look out my window and see a roof. So being flat you can see over it easier. Ours is 20 ft wide with 18 ft doors. I have to check the joists, they are probably 2×10 or perhaps 2×12. No problem with snow loads but we don’t get that much. A couple of years ago we had about a foot or so . It is open front to back so I can drive to the rear carport where I store the bike, and behind the 2nd carport there is a low garage where I put the “vette.

    One side is reinforced with a welded frame to stop sway.

    If you need any help, send air fare

    always glad to be of service

    Wet Coast Scootin

    ps POOR John. He has procrastinated too long

    • Hi Uncle Bob,

      Thanks for the info on your carport, I’m very surprised you get so little snow there in Canada, neighbours here say we can expect between one and three feet of snow. I have had no experience of snow for 20 years so am actually looking forward to its arrival….Well for the first couple of days anyway lol…



  2. Are you expecting more snow than we have here in freeeeeeeeeezing uk?

    • Hi Owen,

      Yes….We are expecting between one and three feet deep of snow from what people say here…bought my tyre chains today!!!



  3. I like the top photo its a little like the ones see in car adverts!!

    • Hi Graham,

      Any good photos you see on this blog are completely accidental lol



  4. Its about time this bloody cold snow left here and made its way over to you!!

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