We had a trial fitting in the house of the old wood burning stove that I acquired from John last week, I needed to buy an adapter to mate the existing flue pipes to the the much larger diameter out put pipe on the stove, thankfully our trusty hardware shop in Trambesh had such adapters.

Unfortunately the cobbled together metal flue tubing was a little leaky at the joints but I had a cunning plan to remedy that!!

The stove was disassembled, carried in pieces to the workshop to begin restoring it back to its former glory. To remedy the leaky joints I wrapped the inner sleeve of the tubing with ordinary masking tape then sprayed it with fire-retardant paint.

The body of the stove was quite rusty in places so it was both manually and mechanically wire brushed before sanding with both medium and fine grain Emery Cloth.

Once all the flaky paint and rust had been removed back to bare metal, this only took a few hours to do because of the brush wheel on the end of my drill, to wire brush an oven this size by hand would take a couple of days!!

A couple of dozen light sprays over every thing took two hours and I used 5 cans of heat resistant paint.

Once ”Touch dry” everything was placed back in the house in front of fan heaters to dry the paint further before re-assembly.

The flue doesn’t leak any more which is always a good thing 🙂 The heat-resistant paint cost me 42 lev (18 GBP) the wire brush wheel cost only 2.5 Lev (1.10 GBP)




~ by travelswithmymotorbike on December 5, 2010.

10 Responses to “BEFORE & AFTER 2”

  1. Another nice job mate!!

  2. Hello Stranger,
    When I use to mess around with old boilers with the old man, we used car exhaust jointing compound or repair putty for sealing joints on flues.You used to be able to get it from most petrol stations or motorist shops. Just a thought for future reference for when you come to refurb mine, seen as you’ve made such a good job of you’re own it seems a pity for a talent like that go to waste !!
    Keep up the good work Matey.

    • Hi Ian,

      Thanks for that mate and thanks for the advice, I’ll look around for some jointing compound next time I’m in Ruse…….By the way that new road (The one with the diversion we had to drive around) up near your house was finished last week, it shaved 10 to15 minutes of the drive time to Ruse for us last week, should be better for you also now that theres a new completed main road near you!!

      On the subject of ovens etc, found out yesterday coal is really cheap here, 9 lev (3.85 GBP) for a 40kg sack so were going to start shoving some coal in our oven, still havent got around to chopping all the wood up yet and we’re scheduled for snow at the weekend lol.

      The field I park my car in is now giving me problems, the car keeps sinking in the mud now we’re having a bit of rain, so I’ve found some gravel at 4 lev (1.70GBP) per 100kg (Expensive) so I’m making a car park at the moment!!



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  4. Looks really good, whats next?

    • Hi Owen,

      Thanks for that….making a car park out of gravel next because my car keeps sinking in the field!!



  5. Very nice text & pictures, thank you.

  6. Dave:

    good thing you don’t have a Translp. It would have disappeared by now. Even Gravel isn;t that friendly

    Wet Coast Scootin

    • Hi Uncle Bob,

      Transalps are conceived on rock, born on gravel, spent many a happy day on the gravel roads up in the Turkish mountains 🙂 ……Slightly off topic but I’ve been looking at photos of your car port, I think I might copy yours next year, ıts too late for building here, snow any day now according to the weather man but today was 20c!!!

      Yours has a flat roof from what I can see, do you ever have deep snow in Canada 50cm plus??



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