John was given an old cooking range the other day from Damiano, I have been after something like this for a couple of months, John will be ready to leave my house and move in to his by the end of the week  (That’s the plan) and he does not have the spare time to restore this cooking range. John proposed swapping my newly restored black wood burner for his cooking range, ”Don’t know about that, I would have to test yours is in working order first,” I said.

I looked in my Alladins cave of treasures (Garage/Workshop/barn) but did not have any tubes of the correct diameter to fit on the ranges out pipe. Undeterred and with some metal pipe and sticky tape we made a flue pipe to test the cooking range was working correctly, you need at least 6 feet (1.5 meters) of flue pipe to generate the ”Draw” for the smoke.

The cooking range is in quite good condition and would only take me 3 or 4 days to clean up and re-paint etc. On first inspection there is no means to regulate the air inflow, this was a concern, would the cooker burn like a Blast furnace consuming one 20 meter tall Pine tree every 30 seconds?? Only one way to find out!!


I remember Ron saying last week that the way to lite and crudely regulate these ovens was via the ash box under the fire-box, so that’s what we did, pulled the ash draw out slightly for maximum air inflow and then close the ash box when the fire was burning nicely.

On the first test (Guessing how it worked) the cooking range actually burns wood quite slowly, much slower in fact than the present wood burner in the kitchen, and here’s a strange thing, the flu is so efficient at pulling (extracting) the smoke and gasses that you can actually remove the circular metal plates above the fire and no smoke comes out!!

Anyway, whilst I was still deciding whether or not to swap this old oven range for my restored black wood burner pictured below……

…..We were in Trambesh going around the hardware shops when this little beauty stole Johns heart away…..

….Only 180 Lev (80 GBP) mostly cast iron construction and more importantly for John, ready to go, no work required, So now I am the proud owner of  the old cooking range!!





~ by travelswithmymotorbike on November 29, 2010.

14 Responses to “A FIRESIDE TALE”

  1. Uncle Dave: You are so lucky to have inherited a new Old stove. When I was younger we had a sawdust burning stove which also heated the cabin. There was always hot water on the pot and you made toast by putting bread on the top of the cast iron top. My job was to keep the hopper filled with sawdust from the barn next door.

    Wet Coast Scootin

    • Hi Uncle Bob,

      Didnt know about the toast, we will try that in a few weeks once its installed in the kitchen, I’m going to try and make a towel rail for it also if I can find enough bits and pieces.



  2. My god I want the new shiny RED one!!!! I may have to get one! OR I could come & rob the McClane house……..

    Hold on I guess I am not that much of a bitch! Guess I will buy one instead!

    • Hi Faye,

      Me, I would spray that red one black to make it really fit in with the farm house decor, 80 Quid was a really good price we all thought!!



  3. Dave

    I had something like that in a former life – it was called a “Modern Mistress”- it smoked profusely and was a bitch to light…

  4. Could do with one of those wood burners at work, bloody freezing here this week, up to our ears in snow Brrrr…

    • Hi Stan,

      I think we must be heading for some snow here ourselves, not seen any for several years, looking foward to it 🙂



  5. Is that you tennis lawn I spy in the background?? Its grown really quick if it is!!

    • Hi Graham,

      Yes thats the badminton lawn in the background, I never expected to see any green shoots until after winter…



  6. Uncle Dave:

    Mad Dog is depressed. I think you should go in your Astra, pick him up and bring him to your farm to get warm by his old stove.

    Wet Coast Scootin

    • Hi Uncle Bob,

      LOL…..If hes good I might treat him to a ride in the Astra, not only can it go up hills (Unlike the Escort) but the dashboard is flat with lots of places to put cigarettes etc…. 🙂 …..Oh and maybe we could go for a drive at night too because my Astra has lights lol…



  7. How is Johns nick name ”Mad Dog” your friend appears quite the opposite??

    • Hi Graham,

      Yes he is quite the opposite thats why the name has stuck, he enjoys the alter ego too lol..



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