Today we were out robbing houses with Ron and Maura, when you buy a house in Bulgaria nine times out of ten it comes complete with everything the previous owner had, most of this is of no use at all but its worth picking through all the stuff for those odd bits of treasure or just things that may be of use today.

I’ve forgotten the name of the village we went too, but its only a 20 minute drive away from our house.

This is one of the houses they bought, we were invited to come along with them to pick through everything before the property is turned over to gypsy’s for clearing.

As is customary, we all went to the barns first but unfortunately no 1939 Mercedes covered in straw belonging to Hitler was found…..Next time!!

In the old house the girls rummaged whilst Ron and I carried things to the van and car.

Later their neighbour came over and invited us all for coffee.

As is traditional here in Bulgaria, the girls left with gifts.



~ by travelswithmymotorbike on November 20, 2010.


  1. A better find would be a 1939 BMW R25!

    • Hi Nikos,

      Since bikes are smaller than cars I will have to go back to the barn and search in the corners this time!!

  2. Still looks nice and sunny there, bloody cold and rain here AS NORMAL,did you find much treasure??

    • Hi Owen,

      Its getting cold here now, barley 20c in the afternoons…..With the back seats folded down we filled the boot up to the bottom of the windows, treasure was a large milk churn, wrought iron coat thing, 70 balls of wool for Linda, carpets, table cloths….And we (4 of us) each had 2 brand new thick winter coats still with the tags on plus lots of other bits and pieces I’ve forgotten, there was a nice wooden box (Ottoman) there but Ron saw it first lol..



  3. Is it customary to muzzle the wives in Bulgaria before you take them out LOL..

  4. Sure sounds like you had a great day! Linda will be happy with all of the wool!!

    I demand pics of all the treasure you got!

    • Hi Faye,

      If I took photos of all our treasures the four of us would look like a right band of Gipo’s lol……Cant wait for the next house raid though!!!



  5. Don’t touch my house!

    • Hi MD,

      A band of roving gypsy’s pick yours clean last week, we tried to stop them but they had gold teeth and tattoo’s 🙂



  6. Now then what are the squatting rules like in Bulgaria?? I could come over & sneak into Johns house…….

    • Hi Faye,

      John will only last week here once the temperature falls below 20c….I’ll keep you posted!!



  7. Thanks Dave!

    Shall I pray for snow??

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