Had a phone call from Annie this morning asking us if we would like to meet the latest new  Brit arrivals to Maslarevo, the house they’ve bought is only a couple of streets away from us, nearer to John’s end of the village. I not only forgot to take my camera round there for pics of their house, but I’ve forgotten everyone’s names aswell, it’s the pressure I’m under fitting the kitchen, well that’s my excuse!!

After looking around their new property everyone came back to our house for a coffee and a chat, we guys talked about renovation and septic tanks whilst the girls decided that who ever has a fully working kitchen before December 25th will host Christmas dinner for everyone.

We also took a vote on what we should do with  the gaping hole we cut in the kitchen wall, adjoining what will be the utility room in the future, door or arch…..The majority vote (100%) was arch!!



~ by travelswithmymotorbike on November 11, 2010.

16 Responses to “MORE NEW NEIGHBOURS”

  1. I vote for a door! that way you can hide the crap!!!! Also an arch is a tad old fashioned now days!

    Yay for more neighbours! Bloody hope I get the house I wants!!!

    • Hi Faye,

      All the building crap strewn about the place is only temporary (About 1 year) the new neighbours are on the next street down from the house you want, keep your fingers crossed on your house!!



  2. I vote Arch

  3. Uncle Dave: seeing as how I have never been there, I am most qualified to answer your dilemna.

    I vote arch with dutch french doors to hide the crap

    and the french doors would slide into pockets hidden in the wall

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

    • Hi Uncle Bob,

      Really, the building crap is only temporary lol……Well the wall is certainly wide enough at that point (2 feet) to have a channel dug out for internal sliding doors, I shall give it some thought!!



  4. Arch….But then again if its a cold winter a door, tricky one!!

    • Hi james,

      This is the dilemma that is causing the delay, just how cold will winter be here,and would I need a door there given the heat output from a wood burner is akin to a raging Volcano, at the moment its still 20 – 26c in the afternoon here and we’re in the middle of November, so might only be looking at barley 90 days of cold, really cold…..Dilemma’s, dilemma’s lol.



  5. Dave,Why not wait until after winter, then you’ll know, arch or door lol.

    • Hi James,

      Good idea but one of us does not have the patience to wait and see lol…



  6. Uncle Davie:

    for only 90 days you might as well get a vacation home somewhere warm. but this time get one with a kitchen and updated wiring

    Wet Coast Scootin

    • Hi Uncle Bob,

      90 days is not that long really, as long as there’s trees to burn we’ll be warm, actually there’s a whole pine forest right next door to Ian and Bevs house just standing there doing nothing!!!!



  7. Brick up the hole….No more dilemma lol…

  8. I vote door.

    Accuweather has a forecast low of 3°C/39°F in two weeks’ time.

    See you soon. Say hello to my new neighbours for me!

    • Hi MD,

      Tried to find the new neighbours house again today but ended up driving over a field, (Bumpy but fun) also driving in the fields at that moment were Ron and Maura (The couple we met a few days ago) in that big white van, we spent all afternoon chatting again lol….Given up looking for new neighbours house now, its too hard on the car lol

      I went through 4 large cans of expanding foam yesterday, the kitchen is getting pretty well sealed up now….3c…No problem!!!!

      Thanks for the vote, the majority is leaning towards an arch though….



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