Believe it or not, but over the years I’ve gained a reputation (Unfairly) for being a little careful with money, my father always said of me, ”Tighter than a Camels arse in a sand storm.”

Anyway, I need a roof rack for the car to collect long 4 meter lengths of wood, have you seen what they charge for a skinny bit of metal to go across the car roof!! Daylight robbery if you ask me, so I’ve made my own roof rack out of string, nails and small planks…Not as pretty as a shop bought roof rack granted, but every bit as serviceable, well, more or less!!

Made the roof rack in less than an hour then it was off to the Timber Merchants in Trambesh to buy some  10 x 8 cm beams for the kitchen ceiling.

I measured the ones I wanted, then haggled over the price, people don’t haggle in Bulgaria, but I do!!

The beams were 10 lev (4 GBP) each so I only bought 10, I’ll come back to him in January when no one is building and see if I can get another 10 beams cheaper!!

The 4 meter long beams suddenly made the car look very small.

I even drew a small audience!!

Beams make an excellent sun visor and when they bounce around going over potholes add excitement to a journey.

The moment you’ve all been waiting for, a close-up photo of the roof rack.

My roof rack was succesful (Didn’t break and Nothing fell off) so today I collected 60 meters of skirting board I’d had made at a carpenters shop, you can’t buy skirting board anywhere in Bulgaria, they don’t use it, so had a local Mystro (Skilled worker) make me some, 2.5 Lev per meter.






~ by travelswithmymotorbike on November 2, 2010.

18 Responses to “WOOD YOU BELIEVE IT!!”

  1. Maybe a Volvo’s a good idea.

    • Hi MD,

      You will need something that can carry odd loads when you start renovating!!



  2. And I’m thinking, exam question. Compare and contrast, your blog against mine.

  3. Uncle Davie:

    why would MD need a car carrier when you have one, and already fitted with a roof rack ? Your wood seller reads your blog so come January your beams will cost twice what they are now, so don’t expect a price decrease.

    Is skirting board the same as baseboard ? I think that’s what you mean. Yesterday your blog didn’t load correctly and I was unable to post a comment. did you change a setting ? whilst sitting in the dark with no electricity ?

    It started to rain yesterday and I was thinking of you with your blown fuses

    Wet Coast Scootin

    • Hi Uncle Bob,

      Skirting board is the long pieces of wood that run along the bottom of the wall where it meets the floor, WordPress keep tinkering and updating the writing software, it always takes a few days to iron out the bugs every time they ”Improve” it lol….

      Somehow I dont think my wood seller reads much of anything, his office was more like a bears cave, swear I saw bones on the floor!!



  4. (Uncle Davie:
    why would MD need a car carrier when you have one, and already fitted with a roof rack ?)

    Hello Bob… have you SEEN how much work we have to do!!! we sure don’t have the time to be renovating 2 houses!!!! lol

  5. Dave

    You need to be a little careful with vocab here – you mention skirting board and a North American might assume that it’s connected with some deviant British practice (such as sticking a micrometer up a camel’s bottom during a sand storm).

    I’m having trouble with this sort of thing on my blog at the mo…

    Have you considered making a trailer?

    • Hi Nikos,

      Yes its all gone wrong, we should never have given the Colonies so much of a free hand to corrupt the Queens English……Must have been the long sea voyage in those days, the Pilgrims forgot how to speak properly by the time they reached there lol.

      Yes I have priced up trailers here but I don’t think I’d get the use out of one to warrant the cost, perhaps MD will buy one and then I can borrow it, thats the most cost effective solution lol..



  6. Uncle Dave:

    Yes, a trailer. If you’re capable of welding up an aircraft carrier then a trailer should be easy peasy

    Wet Coast Scootin

    • Got no time Bob, too busy house bashing…The only reason the French have the Eiffel Tower is because Mr. Eiffel was not renovating old houses in Bulgaria!!



  7. Patent the stringy roof rack and make millions Dave lol.

  8. Another money saving tip….dont know what UK plod would think about the stringy roof rack though lol

  9. Can not wait to see what you two have been up to!! Might be heading back in a week or 3!!!! Fancy a house guest??

    • Hi Faye,

      That was quick, you’ve only just gone, is it the allure of cheap meat and petrol lol………Lindas had me making a Witches den for her, she calls it a craft room but I know better lol, the house is back to 3 bedrooms now, should be finished by the end of the week then I’ll put the photos on the blog.

      I’ve got Sopranos 5 and 6 for PJ 🙂



  10. LOL Dave PJ now has 5 & 6!!! He had them before we left England – he loves my best mate & unlimited connections!

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