Yes, that’s us!!……We have brought some psychological baggage with us from Turkey, when it rains a little in Turkey the internet becomes weak and your lights flicker, when it rains heavily in Turkey you have a power cut lasting anything from 10 minutes to all day. The 6 years we lived in Turkey prior to moving to Bulgaria 3 months ago has conditioned us, we’ve become kinda like Pavlov’s dog, when it rains equals…. NO ELECTRIC!!

The other day at tea time the electric suddenly went, we looked out of the window, as you do in Turkey…..It was raining, Bulgaria must be like Turkey we thought to ourselves, without any further thought we got out the candles, Linda cooked tea on top of the wood burner and then we just sat in the dark all night.

Next day, still no electric…This is even worse than Turkey we thought to ourselves……Later Linda wandered over to the neighbours to enquire if they knew when the electric would come back on. ”No power cuts here,” Our neighbour Jordan then came over with an electricians lighting up thingy (Sorry to be technical) that you poke in holes or something, we had a blown fuse and the other fuses were so old that they had died of natural causes many decades ago!!

At the same time Faye and PJ had turned up at the house to talk about life in Bulgaria, PJ happens to be an electrician and remembers seeing these kind of installations in museums and a Pharos tomb he once visited in Egypt.

His suggestion was to buy all new fuses (9) and start again, I promptly drove to Trambesh and bought 9 new fuses, 3 fat and 6 small (Being technical again) ones, cost was only 5 Lev (2 GBP). I very bravely unscrewed the ceramic things, placed all new fuses inside and magically we had electricity once again…….For a little while!!

Come tea time the electric went off again, now that  I’m a fully qualified electrician, and it wasnt raining, I new to look at the fuse board…….The smoke was a clue that all was not well……the smoking ceramic thing was too hot to touch but all the other ceramic things were cold. We phoned PJ who had only just driven back towards VT. (Veliko Turnovo) 10 minutes ago, the diagnoses was that we are overloading the circit, unplug some things, change the fuse again and see what happens!!

Next day, Faye and PJ are back with us again for more talks about Bulgaria and to look around shops again…meanwhile PJ’s second diagnoses was that the whole house was wired through a single small fuse and we need to split up the circuits amongst the other fuses, so we’ve got a chap coming Sunday to put the cooker on its own fuse and its own circuit by running a new cable.

Also using Super glue, Builders mastic, Sticky tape and bits of  lamps, PJ made a temporary light for the temporary bathroom……The light would not work at first but once Linda hit the light switch with a 2 pound lump hammer (Not kidding) it worked perfectly!!



~ by travelswithmymotorbike on October 30, 2010.

5 Responses to “DUMB AND DUMBER!!”

  1. LOL Turkey has damaged you!!

  2. Sounds like Bulgaria would be a good place for me, I’ll come and have a look soon. At least I’ll be able to exercise my latent electrician’s skills.

    • Hi Chris,

      Welcome aboard, please feel free to comment anytime on anything………..I’m just starting to learn about electrics myself…..First lesson was smoke is bad!!



  3. yep, I’d say smoke was a clue also lol

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