We met Faye and P.J today from the internet, this has become a feature of our lives over the past few years…The power of Blogs!! They have driven their 15-year-old VW Polo all the way from Ireland to Bulgaria, the drive here was fine until the Sat Nav had to cope with Bulgarian roads.

We arranged to meet at Trambesh but PJ’s Sat Nav kept deciding Argentina was a much better place to meet up. After a few failed attempts it was decided they should stop in a layby on the E83 and I would drive up and down untill they were found.

Phew!!….Found them 20 minutes after the last forlorn text message for help, dehydration and cannibalism had not taken over them, they were still in fine spirits despite being victims of Sat Nav Hell !!

After a life saving cup of tea back at the house, they decided to come with us to Ruse, the missing pieces from the kitchen flat pack was todays mission. Not bragging, but we actually found our way to Mr.Bricolage (Large DIY chain) in Ruse on the first attempt, not a single tyre squealing U-turn was made!!

The staff at Mr.Bricolage were magnificent, my missing pieces were not to hand so they cut some new ones, no quibble, no hassle……Unfortunatly because I was dealing with our kitchen problem, Linda was left unattended in Mr.Bricolage and spent her way through a Kings ransom in a matter of minutes!!

I stayed in the car smoking while Faye,P.J and Linda went off looking around shops, it appears that Bulgaria is a much cheaper place to shop than Ireland by about two-thirds!! They are here looking to buy a couple of houses and to live here permanently, so wanted to get an idea of the Bulgarian cost of living and village life.

Off back to their hotel in VT.



~ by travelswithmymotorbike on October 26, 2010.


  1. Hello Dave,

    OMG photos of me!! LOL Had a great day – thank you so much for rescuing us! Now we know where you are we will find out way back to Mas no problem! See you on Thursday or tomorrow!


    Faye & PJ

    • Hi Faye,

      Your welcome, and thanks very much for all the animal care advice….all Linda’s animals will probably live a lot longer now lol..



  2. Tiger sure has grown quick, did it take them long to drive to bulgaria, very brave in a 15 year old car.

    • Hi Stan,

      4 days to drive from Ireland to Bulgaria I think they said…Tiger is an overfed fat dog now!!



  3. My house is on the market…

    • ….Which one?? If its the Bulgaria one I’ll up Nikos’s offer to a tenner PLUS 2 pairs of socks…..

  4. Offer to John Maclane:

    I’ll give you a fiver for it!

    (offer subject to terms and conditions)

  5. Offer to John…..I’ll go to 15 quid…. AND a Newspaper photo of Margaret Thatcher!!

  6. 16 quid and a photo of Thatcher wearing socks!!!!!!!

  7. John:

    what happened ? you said you weren’t going to sell !

    I want to get in on the bidding action. 17 quid and a pair of mis-matched used socks. One black and one red.

    Wet Coast Scootin

  8. Offer to John:

    18 quid…a pair of MARKS & SPENCERS socks …AND a pair of my grannys tights!!

  9. 20 EUROS John and a pair of black stockings with suspenders!!

  10. JOHN: 21 euros, M&S socks,black suspenders,whip and handcuffs….

  11. John…30 US dollars and a photo of Maggie dressed in the above suspenders (Whip optional)

  12. Offer to John. 31 dollars and your weight in Jaffa cakes…

  13. Ok boys back off the big bidders here…
    John I will personally KNIT you a pair of socks in the colour of you choice (with tassels) plus I will owe you 32 dollars cause Dave wont give me it!!!

  14. NIKOS, see what you’ve started….This must be how online property auctions began lol..



  15. 33 dollars, 4 pairs of socks, one willy warmer, and a box of jaffa cakes!!

  16. Is that what you call the girls on the roadside,wondered why they were there 🙂

    • LOL good one!!…….but gentlemen let us remember the young and impressionable (People under 45 years old) may read this blog by accident lol…



  17. Wheres John?? I want to make sure my 34 Dollars is safe!!

  18. Busy trying on socks and eating Jaffa cakes 🙂

  19. OK here is my offer:

    35 euro
    2 pairs of pink socks
    1 fresh cake (I am a baking goddess!)
    1 piglet (once I start breeding pigs)

  20. Ok you all made me do this…

    My offer
    3 pairs of hand knitted socks (with tassels)colour of Johns choice..
    36 Euros borrowed off dave at 10% interest…
    And my granny to work in your field!!!!

  21. OK now I have to get serious!

    37 yo yos (slang for euro)
    2 pairs of sockss
    2 hand baked cakes John can pick the flavour!
    2 Baby piglets!

  22. Given the amount of interest… I think I’ll leave it empty till the market picks up. My own persoanl Centrepoint (for those who remember that far back).

  23. PS I can’t think for the life of me why you think I’d be tempted by socks and Jaffa cakes. Now, if we’d been talking big-busted Bulgarian women…

    • Hi MD,

      38 Dollars…. and the phone number of cigarette lady (Large busted Bulgarian women)….Do I win??



  24. Damn!!…I dont know any Bulgarian women lol

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