Anyone who’s ever owned a Victorian property will know what I mean, it seems the qualifications needed to be a builder a Century ago were  BLIND, and preferably DRUNK, INNUMERATE came as standard!! Bulgarian, as with Victorian houses have a ”Character” all their own……The floors and ceilings are not level, the walls not square and the plastering resembles an Ocean storm suddenly frozen over.

That said, I like ”Character” properties but when you have to measure up for fitted cupboards etc. you take an average of the width/height and then make ”Adjustments” later, our ”Adjustments” were 5 inches of plaster hacked off!!

Behind the units the bottom 8 inches of Banana shaped plaster had to be removed.

To the right is the bottom of a chimney, the brickwork has become ”Blown” from rain and freezing.

The blown bricks removed and will be cemented back in place, flat and square!!

All units fitted temporary, next we will work out where the water and electric will run.

And another day finishes with yet another bonfire of rubbish.





~ by travelswithmymotorbike on October 22, 2010.


  1. Wonky walls takes me back to a flat I had in London some years ago, it was a converted Victorian house….And yes nothing was square lol, tiling the bathroom was a nightmare lol.

    It will be interesting to see how you get on with yours.


    • Hi James,

      Yeah, the kitchen will be easy only 3 walls tiled and take the average method but the fully tiled bathroom will be more challenging lol….



  2. Hello there, I came to your website quite by accident whilst looking for properties in Bulgaria, the wife and I are thinking to retire there in the not too distant future.

    We have not bought yet, I suppose we’re still in the looking about stage and its hard to decide what area to buy, they all have their pros and cons.Its actually good to know about builders merchants, whats available, how much things cost and the like.

    Probably most people would not be interested in these things but for we Brits back home thinking of buying in Bulgaria its all valuable information – Keep up the good work!!

    Regards Graham.

    • Hi Graham and welcome aboard, please feel free to comment or ask questions any time…..Yes Bulgarian districts vary in what they have/dont have to offer and of course theres personal taste, its best to come over and look around yourself either hire a car at the airport or meet up with agents to show you around, or drive here in your own car from UK, only takes 3 days lol….petrols cheap here about 0.92 pence per litre, so its not expensive to spend a week driving from one end of the country to another.



  3. are you still keeping that gray old wood stove in there or are you going to put modern cental heating in?

    • Hi Owen,

      The gray old wood burner will moved further along in the kitchen by extending the pipe, cleaned up and re-painted black….You have to experience these wood burners for yourself to understand the enormous amount of heat they kick out, they are far more efficient than any normal UK fire place…..central heating will be electric and just for the background, heating as such will be wood burners.



  4. I like the detail in the cupboard doors, much better than plain ones, the kitchen looks to be quite large, what colour scheme are you going for??

    • Hi Donna,

      Well at the moment (Subject to hourly change) the floor boards varnished, walls either magnolia or white, cieling to be beamed, cupboard doors etc to have black wrought iron handles, black wood burner, black pipes on chrome chains, black wrought iron curtain poles, window frames either cream or white, either arch or door into utility room..The overall theme will be farmhouse or cottage.



  5. Exposed beams and black wrought iron…Sounds lovely, best of luck with the transformation.

  6. Uncle Davie:

    I can’t believe how domesticated you are. You have a lot of construction knowledge and are putting it to good use. Can’t wait for the garden and chickens to show up

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  7. Hmmmm… I know a place in Maslarevo with probably blown bricks and plaster… want to buy it? It’s going cheap. I may not want it after all. 🙂

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