The kitchen I ordered from Mr.Bricolage (Bulgarian DIY chain)  in Ruse just over a month ago, arrived today, on the drive up to Ruse to collect it we noticed the changes in leaf colour that Autumn brings.

Also we bumped into some Brits while we were out, got talking, they have been living here for 2 years in the village next to ours. They are renovating 3 properties, so pumped them for information on builders merchants, they recomended one in Trambesh, and showed me where it was!

This is the most loaded (Weight) the car has been to date, those not familiar with plasterboard, bags of cement and kitchen flat packs, they are all very heavy!! Both grey and green (Bathrooms) plasterboard was available nearby and at 8 Lev (3.50 GBP) per sheet quite reasonable.

It only took two of us 9 hours to screw, bang, and nail everything together.

Tomorrow we will make it fit between the Banana shaped walls of the kitchen!!





~ by travelswithmymotorbike on October 21, 2010.


  1. I really didnt think you would be able to find all the normal building materials out there

    • Its a word of mouth thing here, we cant read any signs (Funny Russian writing) so when we met some fellow Brits the other day who have been here longer than us it was the ideal opportunity to find out more things.



  2. Why green plaster board?

    • Hi Owen,

      Theres different kinds of boards for different areas of the house, gray for general use but for high moisture places (Green boards) like bathrooms there are both plaster and cement boards that resist moisture (Not waterproof) more than general application boards. It also depends how good your tiling is and weather you use large or small tiles, general tile grout and adhesive is only splash proof. There are some waterproof boards around in the UK, AQUA BOARDS but dont know over here……I use normal and green boards and have never had a problem but I really, really, really take my time tiling and tend to use the large tiles.

      If plasterboard gets wet it turns to porridge and any tiles stuck on it will just fall off!!



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