Yesterday the grape vines got put to bed for winter, what a ball-ache of a job it is……Cant see us keeping (wine quality) grape vines for many more years!!

Started levelling out the ground yesterday and continued today, we’re going to have a badminton court in one section of the garden, why Badminton?…….Tennis involves too much running around, and that bloody ball just bounces everywhere, Tennis players often make loud ”Grunting”  and Sexual noises, Badminton on the other hand is a little slower paced and more of a Gentlemans game, very much like Cricket, with all the majesty of Empire, jam scones and a cup of tea!!

After two days of raking, the ground is now quite flat in places!!

We’re now using the back (Not the teeth side) of the rakes, tomorrow it will be back of the rake again but weighed down with some bricks and perhaps  grass seeded as well. A Badminton Pagola will be made in the far corner section of the garden, I think I have enough scrap wood for the upright posts.






~ by travelswithmymotorbike on October 17, 2010.

9 Responses to “BADMINTON ANYONE??”

  1. ”tennis players all make sexual noises” ….Now I know why my mrs likes to watch Wimbledon LOL

  2. when are you going to have the time for Badminton lol

    • Hi James,

      Plenty of time next year, with Ian,Bev and John moving hear soon it’ll be mixed doubles every Sunday!!



  3. Garden looks good. Badminton? Nothing wrong with a few sexual noises. It’s auditory feedback. Reassures you you’re doing ok. Badminton court, though. Have you given up on the polytunnel idea? I suppose you could put the court inside the polytunnel.

    • Hi MD,

      Badders inside a polytunnel…I like it!!……..Kitchen arrived today in flat pack, so no free time for a while now lol



  4. Good luck with the kitchen!

  5. my gardens only big enough for a ping pong table lol

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