John finally (At long, long last) managed to get some money from his dusty old bank accounts in England to some electronic place in cyberspace, quite near to Bulgaria but still just a hairs breadth away from his finger tips!! We found a bank in Veliko Turnovo that I could actually park near, we found the bank all by our selves which was a major triumph in its self, John leaps out of the car…”I’ll be back with the money in a moment, keep your eye on my bags.”

Ten minutes later John returns empty-handed, our Triumph was very short-lived!! ”Annie will be able to sort it out,” said Linda, so off we went to her office once again.

Once at her office Johns bank problems were explained, (Over a very nice box of chocolates) the solution to Johns current problem was to find a bigger bank, meanwhile John posed for photos by THE car, this car is a star on EBAY and has appeared in almost a thousand property photos/adds. (To show that  BULGARIADIRECT really went there and really took the photos)

With all Johns problems now handed over to Annie, we all just relaxed, ate chocolates  and took Blog photos.

The girls all went in THE car, whilst John and I followed in my car, we drove through the wet VT. traffic to some bank or other, not a clue where it was……AND finally, John then got hold  of his money and was able to pay for his house, with directions from Annie we then took John to VT. bus terminal for his coach to Sophia airport.

A  relaxed john.

See you in a few weeks!!



~ by travelswithmymotorbike on October 15, 2010.

7 Responses to “ANNIE TO THE RESCUE (AGAIN)”

  1. my loves i missed you .you are good people

    • Hi Aytac,

      How are you? …Yes we miss every body too, as you can see from the photos on my website we have been very busy here clearing the land ready for next year and renovating the house. Do you know if Denise (Apart 4) took all her furniture from my flat yet, she gave us her e-mail address but we lost it!!

      Keep in touch,



  2. watch out John, you’ll get a few more blisters when you return lol.

  3. Dead right, Owen, but this time they’ll be blisters from working for myself!

    • Hi MD,

      Had a message from Victor (American neighbours) that when they fly in, they get the coach from Sophia to Ruse and then tell the driver they wish to stop at Maslaravo……saves all the hassle of going to VT………..I’ll write this again on your blog incase you dont see it here!!



  4. you give Annie problems and she gives you chocolates…sounds like a good deal to me lol.

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