Yesterday evening whilst we were clearing away after an honest days toil, we noticed our neighbours planting something and erecting concrete posts in their garden….What could this be!! Research late into the night by John and Linda (I was busy watching Wall Street 2) revealed that now is planting time in Bulgaria for Peas and Garlic.

Linda was therefore excused wood chopping duty today in order to erect dozens of concrete posts in the garden, leaving John and I on wood chopping duty…..However the long arm of antiquated banking practices reached all the way from England to Bulgaria today……Johns house payment (For the property he bought here) is still sitting in a dusty bank account in UK when it should have been here!!

”F%&?ing Natwest bank,” chop, chop, chop…….”Dont they bloody well read their faxes,” chop, chop, chop…….”Bloody customer services,” chop, chop, chop……”I hate speaking to those bloody machines, why don’t people answer the phone anymore,”  chop, chop, chop!!

Then John’s phone would ring and he would have to deal with the bank again, only to come back muttering ”Bloody Natwest,” chop, chop,  chop….Then the phone would ring again!!

We of course have to make time in the schedule for Blog photos.

Neon, our other neighbour came over to show us what to do with grape vines….Thank God I pulled most of ours up, what a faff grape vines are, (If you want good grapes) snip this, snip that, then bend two stalks to the left, three to the right and blanket the entire bush with soil. We only have a couple of hundred square meters of grape vines left, I burned the other 2000 square meters, Thankfully!!

The bottom of wood pile number one contained many large man-sized logs, these were harder to saw and harder to chop, John and I then made the executive decision to leave the man-sized logs for another day, or year, and started instead on the nice easy planks of wood in wood pile two!!

Linda’s finished concrete Henge, with both Peas and Garlic planted, the fire wood pile also grew a little more today!!

By late afternoon, with dozens of phone calls, johns house money was at last making its way to Bulgaria.




~ by travelswithmymotorbike on October 13, 2010.

7 Responses to “MASLAREVO HENGE”


  2. there isnt much about modern banks thats made our life any easier, security this and security that, now everything seems to take twice as long lol

    • Hi Stan,

      The more ”Modern” they become the more difficult some things are….Myself, I hate talking to the bloody computers!!

  3. One shouldn’t laugh, but we’ve all had a bad bank experience at some time lol


  4. LOL Its all true…my wife used to work at a call center….they really DONT care…hope all gets sorted for your friend.

    • Hi Owen,

      Damn!!……I believed in customer services and I always thought that they made toys for Santa in their spare time lol



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