Linda wants our bedroom furniture to be in the old French white style, it’s going to take some time to collect all the pieces together, but we managed to find a bed in the correct style yesterday in VT. The drive back to Maslarevo with the heavy iron bedstead sections lashed to the roof  was slow because the car rolled a lot more than was comfortable cornering.

Also in and on the car last night, along with a heavy solid wooden bed were two mattresses and 6 wooden chairs.

With John due to arrive tomorrow we quickly painted the walls of the guest room and then I started to bring the old wooden bed back to life.

The old bed was certainly showing her age along with some battle scars!!

By using different colours of varnish to ”Fill in” the scratches where possible and then French polishing the wood after yields magnificent results.

A before and after shot, French polishing is the method of applying many very thin layers of varnish, applied with a cloth using circular motions.

We thought we would just pop in to our local town to pick up a new mattress for the bed, but it turns out our old bed is not the modern standard size…Damm!!…..We were told we would have to have a mattress made, a quick drive back to VT (Veliko Turnovo) to the shop where we bought the bed to enquire as to where one has a mattress made!! Fortunately there was a chap in the shop who spoke perfect English (Tony) who had the same problem, but he knew where we could have a mattress made to any size.

So with Tony as chief navigator, we whizzed around the many back streets of  VT to a small industrial area, where sure enough, we got our old bed a mattress made to the correct size, cost was about 35 Pounds.

With another night working until late, to make sure the varnish was dry in time for the bed to be made up in the morning for John’s arrival, we surrounded it with electric fan heaters.



~ by travelswithmymotorbike on October 6, 2010.

8 Responses to “BEDLAM….”

  1. And a very comfortable bed it is too.

    Next time you have people to stay you can borrow one of mine in Дъняомлн, aka Dunromin.

    • Hi MD,

      Welcome to the village, I hope its as pleasant for you here as it has been for us!!….Cant wait to throw grapes at your chickens lol



  2. The poor Astra!!!

  3. Looks really good, at least that one room crossed off the list lol

    • Hi James,

      One room nearly finished, when John leaves in a few days the room will have some extra power sockets and new skirting boards.



  4. Good job on the old bed, is it easy to find good old furniture there?

    • Hi Owen,

      Its supposed to be easy (everyone says) but we cant find any, dont know where to look is the problem!!



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