Like a junkie denied his Heroin, we have been without the internet connected to the house for 5 weeks, that’s FIVE LONG WEEKS!! Today we finally got our fix, the internet company came and installed our lines at long last, Victor had warned us prior to the installation that the engineers will most probably try to rip you off and over charge for the installation.

Sure enough, Victor was correct, the engineer wanted to charge us three times the correct price (150 instead of 50 Lev) We waited until everything was connected up then challenged him again on the fee, ”Your neighbours are mistaken, your friend is wrong.” After listening to his bullshit for a few minutes we rang up the internet company head office (They speak perfect English) and put the phone on SPEAKER so the engineers could hear, ”How much is installation please” asked Linda. ”Fifty Lev madam” came the reply.

The red-faced engineer then confirmed it was 50 Lev and he had become ”Confused.”

For the benefit of other ex-pats in Bulgaria, installation is 50 Lev and the monthly options  in this area were 20 Lev for 1.5 MB or 25 Lev for 3MB. The villages operate on the LAN (Local Area Network) system so you don’t need a phone line (Unless you want one) and the bill is paid monthly at the Mayors office.





~ by travelswithmymotorbike on September 30, 2010.

8 Responses to “INTERNET….OH JOY OF JOYS!!”

  1. Hi Dave,
    You are used to it, isn’t it ?.That was a pro.; 3 times overprized. Not much difference in attitude with Turkye ? Of course they don’t speak Turkish .


    • Hi Rene,

      Yes we are used to it, some things here are the same as Turkey, but at least here in Bulgaria the internet is not censored and you are free to read and research what you want…



  2. Dave, 3 MB is not enough at all. 25 lv. should be the price for unlimitted access.

    • Hi Victor,

      Glad you found the blog, the chap on the phone from the internet company said either 1.5mb unlimmitted for 20 lev per month, or 3mb unlimitted for 25 lev a month…I dont really trust this company so I’ll find out whats what when I go to the Mayors office to pay the bill!!



  3. Glad to hear from you, too. Now that I am looking at it, this must be the speed. They probably meant 1.5 Mbps and 3 Mbps which is OK. And 25 lv is for the unlimitted access. Make sure that this is the case, though.
    Say hi to everybody there. I see that the there are more newcomers.

    • Yep, Roy (John) just left for Turkey this afternoon after finally squeezing some money from his bank to buy a house here, he will be back here in about a month to live. His neighbour Peter seems a jolly chap, which is good. Roy is a languages teacher (French and German) he reckons he will be able to hold a simple conversation in Bulgarian after about a year of learning…Me, I’ve managed to learn 5 words in Bulgarian so far, cant spell them but I can say them!!

      How are things for you Stateside, still loving the Rat Race??



  4. I hate it but we have to pay the mortgage, you know. Maria is in Turkey and I will be heading there in December. I hope to be able to come to Maslarevo in November or New Years at the latest. you can e-mail me at or if you use skype my user name is v-angelov.

    • Hi Victor,

      Linda just got Skype (Ian did it for her) you can hear her shouting over Skype from 10 streets away lol…..I will pass your user name on to her, I havent been tempted to put skype on my computer yet…..So you’ll be back in the village pretty soon then, I wasnt expecting to see you and Maria until next summer, look forward to it!!



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