Another day, another outbuilding/shed thing to demolish, we’ve taken down about 5 or 6 buildings now, this is actually quite a good thing because I now have about 8 cubic meters of fire wood and almost enough roof tiles to build my car port next year.

Our farm hand Oochie also helped speed along the breaking up of this building.

Some of  my firewood was cut up to form a back panel for Oochie’s cart, he can then take more rubbish to the dump each trip.

The rest of the afternoon was then spent by Linda gathering Apricots from our trees to make Apricot pies and apricot juice….I spent the rest of the afternoon eating Apricot pies and drinking Apricot juice!!



~ by travelswithmymotorbike on September 29, 2010.

11 Responses to “…AND MORE DEMOLITION”

  1. That nice outbuilding looks nicer than my house in Greece!

    I’m having trouble keeping up with your output- months went by with nothing and now the Moehne dam has been breached! Why don’t you do a weekly digest for us expats?

    XS N

    • Hi Nikos,

      The output at this pace is just temporary while I catch up to real time, then ıt’ll be normal posting rates of once or twice a week…Mr.McClain is staying with us at the moment and bought a house in our village also yesterday…..Now you’ll have 2 Bulgarian (3 if Ian and Bev blog their Bulgarian house) blogs to follow lol..



  2. Eggs ok, but what happened to vine-stocks ?


    • Hi Rene,

      Found out today that our chickens like to eat grapes….I now look forward to wine flavored eggs…….



  3. Do you really get wine flavored eggs??

    • Hi Owen,

      You know when you go to Tescos or Sainsburys and they have ”Corn fed” chicken, the chicken turns yellow because corn is yellow…………..Therefore if you feed the chicken purple grapes you get red wine eggs and green grapes make white wine eggs….We have both colours of grapes here……I suspect it takes a couple of weeks though….I wonder ıf I can grow Cocoa here, chocolate eggs would be really cool, and think how much money I could make at Easter!!



  4. It’s true, had them in France last year!!

  5. It’s often said that the comments can be better than the actual post, this is such a post,gave us a good chuckle at work this afternoon…Thanks!!

  6. Dave, those are peaches. It is too late in the yer for apricots.

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