A particular eyesore (One amongst many) in the garden was the tiger cage, this is the only construction on the property to be made solely of steel, no doubt to contain some beastie of sorts. Scrap metal gypsy’s drive around all the villages looking for metal, when we showed them how much scrap metal we had to sell their little eyes lit up!!

They backed up the car and trailer.

The two women gypsy’s began collecting all the small pieces of metal while I kept an eye on the two men cutting (Trying too) up the tiger cage with hammers and an axe.

While they were busy hacking and thumping away at the tiger cage we could over hear them talking, they were Turkish gypsy’s, small World…Just left Turkey, now I have four Turks in my garden!!

Half a day later they managed to bludgeon the tiger cage into manageable pieces to load on the car and trailer.

A good day, one ugly eyesore gone and the money we received from the gypsy’s  paid for our farm worker.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on September 24, 2010.

4 Responses to “THE TIGER CAGE”

  1. Its good you can at least sell your junk and not have to clean it up first and then put it in colour coded dustbins lol

    • Hi Robo,

      Yeah lol…Last time I was back in UK at my sisters house, I think she had 4 different coloured bins cluttering up the small garden

  2. That looks a tough cage, do your neighbours not remember what he used to keep in there??

    • Hi Owen,

      Yes next door did tell me what the tiger cage was used for, but I dont understand Bulgarian so am non the wiser lol..



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