We have slowly started to make connections here now, a reliable builder is a must for those jobs that are either too difficult or unpleasant to do. There is also a duel pricing system here (Same in Turkey) where foreigners pay more than locals, I’ve tried a couple of local builders here already, none of whom I would ever recommend to anyone because of over pricing and sloppy work, but it was  third time lucky with Rooney.

He’s been living in Bulgaria for 6 years and during that time he’s built up a steady property business, he was able to find me good workers at local prices and has been a fountain of local knowledge regarding where to go for materials.

I have three large chimneys on the roof all open to the elements, open chimneys cause a lot of damage inside a property, I learnt this when I used to renovate old Victorian houses years ago, the rain water collects in the chimney base and surrounding walls. Firstly this causes damp but mor importantly in winter when the rain water freezes it can and does blow brickwork and plaster, so had caps made for them today. The roofers work in bare feet here to avoid slipping!!

Also I’ve hired a farm hand for a couple of weeks to speed up the clearing of the land etc.


~ by travelswithmymotorbike on September 20, 2010.

10 Responses to “CONNECTIONS….”

  1. Rooney does not look Albanian? Neither does Linda for that matter.

    Strange world….

    • Hi Nikos,

      Ones from Norway and the other from Cornwall….They both have a funny accent lol…



  2. So Lindas from Norway…Does she sound like the Swedish Chef lol

  3. Which ones Linda again??

  4. So is the man on the roof from Albania?? Whos Albanian??

    • STAN……..Nikos is just messing with your head (He’s a Harley Street Psychiatrist…Never look into his eyes) nobody is from Albania!!



  5. Hang about, I thought all workmen are from Albania?

    How did you know about my eyes? you must be psychic!
    I’ll leave you in peace – my Albanian maid has just come in with cup of tea.


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