We set off for Bulgaria last night at dead on midnight, made excellent time despite a heavy car but towards lunch time tiredness started to catch up with me, so drove slower towards Canakkale.

We stopped in a lay by to answer the call of nature and for a quick 5 minute nap, but with the car packed to the rafters the seats can’t recline and we can’t sleep much in the sat upright position.

Energised by more fags and more Redbull we set off again for the boat at Canakkale.

I just couldn’t help myself, a brief de-tour to pose with the car by The Wooded Horse of Troy.

Whilst queuing for the ferry, Linda (Shopping at any opportunity) bought some expensive perfume from a street seller for 5 Lira, more weight for my poor car to carry!!

There was some problem or other that delayed the ferry for over an hour, a chance for some sleep!!

The European part of Turkey is nice and flat, we zoomed along heading for either Greece or Erdine but the ferry delay cost us about one and a half hours of daylight in total, we did not want to cross into South Bulgaria in the dark…The roads down there are bloody bad enough in daylight!!

Below is a photo of a home-made car, these home-made cares are a feature in the Western part of Turkey, slowly trundling along at the roadside, I quickly took a photo of this one at a petrol station.

With just a few hours of daylight left we decided to abandon Greece (Duty free fags) and just push on straight for Bulgaria, we might have been lucky and crossed easily into Greece or we could have lost an hour at customs, the fear of off-road driving at night in a heavy car kept us going.

Above the Turkish/Bulgarian border, we crossed quickly into Bulgaria and then got very lost.

After going round in circles for half an hour I asked a chap on a large cc scooter for any road heading towards Veliko turnovo, he said, ”Its difficult from here, follow me.” So we did, followed nice man on his scooter for ten minutes until we came to some highway or other.

Brilliant, we were on our way to Veliko Turnovo until half a dozen road blocks and diversions had us lost again.

I pulled into a truck stop and asked some truck drivers the way to Veliko Turnovo, ”Follow that one just leaving,” came the reply….. So we did!!

With several Redbull stops we arrived home in Bulgaria at 2am, 26 hours straight driving from our flat in Turkey, I abandoned the car in the garden and flopped straight in to bed….Good night all!!

~ by travelswithmymotorbike on September 17, 2010.

4 Responses to “DRIVING TO BULGARIA”

  1. I can see your thinking, 20 cans of redbull is cheaper than a hotel for the night lol

    • Hi Stan,

      Yep, if you keep treating the girls to nights in hotels, a time will come when they expect it lol..



  2. Why is it people would make their own cars, cant be that expensive for a second hand car surly?

    • Mate, cars in Turkey are between 3 and 6 times more expensive than second hand car prices in UK, government price fixing is one of the problems aswell as high import duty. When you Buy & Sell a car in Turkey the gov. are in between, the notary has a large book with the value of everything written inside….So for example my 50 year old Astra would be about 500 quid in Uk but in Turkey the gov. value that same car at 3500 Pounds (Not kidding) and then charge you a tax percentage on 3500!!……Thats why in my 6 years in Turkey I could never justify buying a car…



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