Spent a mad last day running around various government offices finishing up paperwork for the Title Deeds from the villa I sold nearly two years ago, and we also gave Mick Power of Attorney to use Montie. In between times we snatched a quick 30 minutes to visit friends and say ”Goodbye.”

Metin has been my barber for almost 6 years and during that time I taught him English.

The camera was having a ”Moody” again so some photos are out of focus, Mustafa and Ridvan were away on business.

A new toy in Theo’s office, just had to have a go!!

We finished all the paperwork for the villa and the motorbike just before 5pm, then it was off to Denise’s house for a last meal together.

The plan was to be asleep by 9pm then wake at 5am to pack the car and drive to Bulgaria….But we couldn’t sleep so packed the car instead and set off for Bulgaria at exactly midnight!!

This is how Linda keeps breaking things in the car!!

~ by travelswithmymotorbike on September 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “LAST DAY IN TURKEY”

  1. My son was like that, always messing with things in the car, and feet on the dash – I’d make her walk mate.

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